23 maj

Lavrov: Armed Syrian Opposition and Supporting Countries Want to Foil Annan’s Plan;
– An armed terrorist group abducted 11 Lebanese citizens and one Syrian;
– UNSMIS Delegations Continue Tours and Visits in Syrian Provinces;
– Ladies of benevolent Syria group visit Syrian army position
– Egyptians to held presidential election for 2 days;

Lavrov: Armed Syrian opposition and supporting countries want to foil Annan’s plan

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the armed Syrian opposition and the countries which support it try to foil the plan of the UN Special Envoy to Syria, Kofi Annan.
In a press conference on Wednesday, Lavrov said the goal of the armed opposition and the countries which provide it with money and arms is so clear for Moscow, which is to foil Annan’s peace plan.
”All this is taking place in flagrant violation of the UN resolutions which have fully and completely approved this plan that includes demands of immediate halt of violence not only by the Syrian government but also by all opposition groups, particularly the armed opposition,” Lavrov added.

Joshua Blakeney was interviewed by Vancouver Coop Radio to explain his conclusions about Syria based on a series of interviews he conducted with Canadian Syrians. Blakeney brings into question Canada’s support for sectarian groups in Syria. Interview conducted on May 21, 2012

Press TV – Bombing kills 5 in Damascus

A bomb attack in Damascus has killed at least five people in the latest in a series of bombings targeting Syria over the past few weeks.

Webster Tarpley på Press TV – NATO acts strikingly identical to Hitler: American historian

Now, let’s also look at the big picture. Last week at Saint Petersburg, [Russian] Prime Minister Medvedev made a remarkable statement saying that the Western desire to meddle in the affairs of sovereign states leads to regional wars and then he said quite possibly to nuclear war.
That is what we are looking at here. This is a very serious matter, it is not Libya; the great powers are immediately implicated in this.
We have just had an official of the Russian Foreign Ministry quoted in the Chinese news agency, stressing again that there are circles in the West who believe that this idea of intervening, invading countries, is a live option.
The NATO summit of course claims that they are not going to do it. Rasmussen and the US ambassador to NATO Daalder say, ‘No, who? Us? We are not going to invade anybody,’ but I think what the Russians are saying seems to reflect Russian intelligence that there is such a proposal or plan that is being readied.
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