22 maj

Hans Öhrn har varit i Syrien och träffat bl.a representanter från den fredliga oppositionen – Syrien kan slitas sönder

UN peacekeeping chief admits presence of terrorists in Syria

The visiting UN peacekeeping chief Herve Ladsous on Monday warned here of the presence of terrorist groups in Syria, who are trying to capitalize on the current unrest to achieve certain gains.
”We know that there are … a third party, terrorist groups, who are trying to gain advantage for themselves… but we have to see this as an issue within Syria, between the Syrians,” he said during a press conference in Damascus.

He noted that the number of UN military observers is now 270, adding that they are now deployed in six cities and soon they will be deployed in 10 cities.
”I am not saying that the violence ceased altogether but clearly it diminished,” he said, adding that he had met with the government and the opposition in Syria.

Tony Cartalucci – Saad Hariri Aides Western Syria Destabilization from Lebanon

The United Nations has been inexplicably silent over revelations that the United States, Saudi Arabia, and other ”Gulf States,” are arming militants in Syria in direct violation of a UN brokered ceasefire. Additionally, the US has openly threatened to arm Kurd militants in Syria to ”rise up” against the government. While in reality this constitutes a greater threat to neighboring Turkey, and perhaps an attempt to motivate Ankara to take a more aggressive stance against Syria, the threat of purposefully inciting more violence in a conflict that has allegedly claimed ”10,000” lives, seems not only grossly irresponsible, but a violation of international peace.

The purposefully nebulous coverage by the Western media over violence in Lebanon so far, and a disingenuous depiction of it being ”spill over” from Syria is meant to portray a general sense of chaos consuming the region. In reality, it is a premeditated destabilization dependent on fostering violence between Sunni and Shi’ia Muslims, just as was purposefully done in Iraq to balk an effective Sunni-Shi’ia alliance that achieved initial success fighting a foreign occupation led by the US starting in 2003.
While exposing the premeditated nature of the destabilization consuming Lebanon and Syria is essential, as well as calling for international condemnation of the US for openly attempting to escalate violence in the middle of a mediated ceasefire, calling on people across the Islamic World to refrain from falling into this sectarian trap, and being used as tools of their own division and subjugation by the West is equally important.

Finian Cunningham – Syria: The New ‘R2P’ – ”RESPONSIBILITY TO PRETEXT”: Human Rights, Democratic Reforms, Al Qaeda and now WMD, NATO’s Growing List of Excuses for Intervention

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