14 maj

Press TV – Terrorist groups kill 23 Syrian soldiers in Rastan

Terrorist groups fighting against the Syrian government have killed 23 more security forces in the northern city of Rastan, opposition activists reported.
According to the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, dozens of others were also injured in the early morning violence on the outskirts of Rastan, in the crisis-hit Homs Province, on Monday.

Press TV – Clashes between Syrian forces, armed groups despite shaky truce

Reports say Syrian forces have clashed with armed groups in a suburb of the capital, Damascus, and the central province of Homs despite a UN-backed ceasefire that has been broken several times since it took effect on April 12.
Gunfire was reported in Jisreen, a suburb of Damascus, and the city of Rastan in Homs during the early hours of Monday.

Press TV – Gunmen kill religious figure in Syrian capital

Armed men have assassinated the imam of the Ruqayya mosque, Sheikh Abbas al-Laham in the Syrian capital Damascus, Press TV reports.
The attackers shot dead al-Laham on Sunday, while he was heading from the mosque to his home.
He is one of the several religious figures killed in the country in recent months.


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Homs – 117 armed men , from Al Khaldyieh and Al Hamedyieh districts , surrendered to the competent authorities … news are talking about more and more surrenders in the next few days ..
HNN – Homs News Network

Webster Tarpleys senaste kommentar om Syrien

The UN observer mission in Syria has now been attacked twice in the past week by NATO-backed terrorist death squads, who have also killed scores in Damascus with coordinated suicide bombs on government agencies. The killers are obviously al Qaeda fanatics in the service of NATO, but Norwegian NATO General Robert Mood of the observer mission refuses to pin the responsbility where it belongs – on his fellow NATO officers. The purpose of observers must be to observe and report, but the UN reporters have reported virtually nothing — because they are acting as tools of NATO.
Syrian UN ambassador Jafari has exposed the role of Turkey, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar in deploying terrorist fighters from Libya and Turkey into Syria. Jafari called attention to a CD prepared by the Syrian government showing the confessions of some of these foreign fanatics.
As for Kofi Annan, his Geneva press conference was another whitewash of NATO. If Annan wants to start reconciliation talks, he should announce a date certain for the convening of a national dialogue at the peace table in Geneva. The Syrian government is sure to attend. The congeries of fanatics, dupes, and foreign fighters calling itself variously Syrian National Council or Free Syrian Army is not likely to appear. If they do appear, they are likely to start killing each other before they enter the conference room. NATO, like Hitler before he swallowed Czechoslovakia in 1938, does not want a peaceful solution to the Syrian troubles, but rather wants to keep internal conflict alive sp it can be used as the pretext for invasion, regime chaange, and partition.
Ban Ki Moon, Kofi Annan, Navi Pillay, Valerie Amos, and Gen. Mood are thus imperialist operatives, not international civil servants. With corrupt personnel like this, the United Nations risks extinction on the model of the League of Nations, which perished because it refused to oppose fascist aggression in the 1930s. We are today witnessing the transition away from any concept of collective security in favor of naked appeasement and complicity with the US-UK-NATO aggressor coalition.

Will they dare to use their own creation-Al Qaeda as a reason to invade Syria?

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Media reports on Syrian militants being trained in Kosovo cannot fail to cause concern. Kosovo’s transformation into an international militant training base could become a serious destabilising factor, in the Balkans and beyond

Russia calls on international missions in Kosovo to prevent the region turning into an international militant training base
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