13 maj

voltairenet.org – Terrorism, the last resort against Syrian resistance

Following their military defeat at the hands of the regular army, the legions of the anti-Syrian coalition have now turned to blind terrorism.
Thus, on Friday, Syrian special services foiled an attempted attack in Aleppo, the second largest city. A suicide bomber riding on a minibus loaded with 1.2 tons of explosives, meant to destroy the densely populated neighborhood of al-Shaar, was stopped by security forces before he could detonate the device.
This follows the twin bomb explosions on Thursday that killed 55 people and injured 372 in Damascus.

Abdel Ghani Jawhar, chief bomb maker of the pro-Saudi terrorist group Fatah al Islam, was killed in the border town of Al-Qusayr when the bomb that he was planting against the Syrian army went off accidentally. A chemistry graduate, he went to Syria to teach fighters how to develop explosives and car bombs.
While Western and Gulf states media allege that the armed groups are defending the population against the ”regime’s bloody crackdown,” this version has been consistently contradicted by the facts since the beginning of the operation to destabilize the country in March 2011. Seeking to cause chaos to justify a foreign ”humanitarian” intervention, it is indeed the mercenaries sponsored by the international coalition who are perpetrating these attacks, which target not only the army and the police, but also the civilian population.

Syria News 13 May 2012. Syrian Official Tv Channel

Sharmine Narwani – Homs Opposition: Al Farouq Battalion is Killing Us

It is extremely rare to have a direct peephole into events on the ground in Syria. The hard-fought battle over narratives often leaves truth in the dust. But among the cache of recently leaked emails (exclusive to Al Akhbar) from Syrian National Council (SNC) President Burhan Ghalioun’s inbox, comes this gem – important information that further highlights the glaring loophole in UN Envoy Kofi Annan’s demilitarization plans for Syria: rogue fighters.
The email sent to Ghalioun on March 25 summarizes a meeting held by members of various armed opposition groups operating in Homs – chiefly to address the pressing problem of the rogue al-Farouq Battalion.

NATO (och G8) ska hålla ett möte i Chicago runt 15:e maj, samtidigt ska en stor krigsövning med 17 deltagarländer hållas i Jordanien!

SYRIA – Christians expelled from Hama

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