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Tony Cartalucci – Syrian War: The Prequel

Clearly, what has been recently portrayed by the West as mere ”claims” by the Syrian government that the Saudis, Lebanese, and NATO were conspiring against them, is simply the fruition of the US policy exposed fully in the New Yorker in 2007. While many analysts have treated the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and their involvement in Syria’s uprising as a somewhat nebulous phenomenon, the New Yorker’s 2007 makes it clear that the Brotherhood is one of the primary instruments used by the Saudis as part of a US-Israeli-Saudi effort to eliminate Syria and Iran. Not only that, but the report indicates that the US itself has been funding and using the Muslim Brotherhood as well.
Just as the US State Department feigned shock and confusion at the ”Arab Spring” it had been preparing for the last 3 years, it is likewise reacting with feigned confusion and dismay over the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in the ”Arab Spring’s” wake. In reality it is a premeditated consequence of US foreign policy spanning both the Bush and now the Obama administrations.

RT crew & UN observers on Syrian ‘civil war’ frontline

Syrian forces foil major suicide bomb attack in Aleppo

Syrian troops killed a would-be suicide bomber in the northern city of Aleppo on Friday, a day after devastating bomb blasts in Damascus, state television reported.
The security forces killed the bomber, who had 1,200kg of explosives in the car, it said.

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Idlib: dismantling an explosive device (30kg) was planted by terrorists near Saad Bin Abi Wakas mosque.

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3 cadets at the Military Academy and a law-enforcement member were martyred and another injured by an armed terrorist group’s gunfire while they were on their way to their workplace in Homs city. The armed group targeted their car on Homs-Al-Makhram road near Nawa village in Homs countryside.
The martyrs are: Cadets Khodr al-Okda, Adnan Khaski and Ali Mansour, and a law-enforcement member, Ali al-Doumani.

‘US misuses UN peace plan to destabilize Syria’

Western countries will keep on trying to destabilize the situation in Syria and it will not stop until either the Syrian regime is able to repel all of these attacks – and this is not the duty of the Syrian regime alone, but it is also the duty of other allies of the Syrian regime because what is being targeted here is not just the Syrian regime by itself, but as I said before, it is part of a bigger struggle, a global struggle between the US and its allies and Russia, Iran and China on the other hand who are allied to the Syrian regime.
So, it’s a geo-political struggle and we need to see it in this way to better understand it. I don’t see it as the opposition calling for democracy. It’s an opposition calling for a new regime that cuts its relations with Iran, with Russia, with China and by the US to redraw the geo-political map of the whole of the globe and the new century. At the core of the crisis now, at the core of this struggle lies in Syria.

UN monitors & media convoy attacked in Syria, RT crew escapes unhurt

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