7 maj

Parlamentsval idag i Syrien. Syria begins first parliamentary elections under new constitution

Syrians have begun voting in the first parliamentary elections under a new constitution approved by an overwhelming support of the people in a February referendum.
Voting has started in polling stations across Syria as about 7,195 candidates, including independent and opposition figures, are running for 250 parliamentary seats.



Syrians able to survive nightmare: Analyst

What I would say about the media, the foreign media and some Arab media such as Aljazeera, Alarabia, etc they are a part of the war against Syria, against Syrian state and against Syrian population, against Syrian army, against Syrian geopolitical role in the region and international media unfortunately is working the same except some professional TV channels and the newspapers.

‘US bent on weakening Syria, despite reforms’

Dinh: Syria has been an enemy of Israel for a long time so Israel has always been trying to destroy Syria. And then you have the Sunni Shiite divide, which is the Persian Gulf states involvement. And then the US is fighting on behalf of Israel and the US benefits from any war – any kind of warfare benefits the military industrial & banking complex that is the US.
So there are many reasons why so many countries are ganging up on Syria, it is incredible. You are basically seeing Libya all over again.
In spite of these enormous military and economic pressures – let’s not forget the economic sanctions that have been applied on Syria that is making life very difficult for the average Syrian. In spite of all that, Syria is still intact.
Whatever games that will be made tomorrow in the elections or in the days and months ahead I don’t think it will satisfy these international bullies that are trying to destroy Syria…

Dan Glazebrook – Analysing Syria – The West’s Greatest Fear

Western attempts to destroy Syria have not been going to plan, revealing that what the West fears most is a peaceful resolution to the crisis
The strategy was simple, clear, tried and tested. It had been used successfully not only against Libya, but also Kosovo (in 1999), and was rapidly underway in Syria. It was to run as follows: train proxies to launch armed provocations; label the state’s response to these provocations as genocide; intimidate the UN Security Council into agreeing that ”something must be done”; incinerate the army and any other resistance with fragmentation bombs and Hellfire missiles; and finally install a weak, compliant government to sign off new contracts and alliances drawn up in London, Paris and Washington, whilst the country tore itself apart.

This prospect — of an end to the civil war and a negotiated peace that brings about a reform process without destabilising the country — has led to desperation amongst the imperialist powers. Despite their claims to the contrary, a stable Syrian-led process is the last thing they want, as it leaves open the possibility of Syria remaining a strong, independent, anti-imperialist state — exactly the possibility they had sought to eliminate.
Hence, within days of Kofi Anan’s peace plan gaining a positive response from both sides in late March, the imperialist powers openly pledged, for the first time, millions of dollars for the Free Syrian Army: for military equipment, to provide salaries to its soldiers, and to bribe government forces to defect. In other words, terrified that the civil war in Syria is starting to die down, they are setting about institutionalising it. If violent regime change is starting to look unlikely, the hope instead is to keep the country weak and on its knees by sucking its energy into an ongoing civil war.
At the risk of making the opposition Syrian National Council (SNC) appear even more out of touch with ordinary Syrians than it does already, its Western backers have increased the pressure on it to fall into line with this strategy, leading to open calls from the SNC leadership for both the full-scale arming of the rebellion and for aerial bombardment from the West.
This has caused huge rifts in the organisation, with three leading members defecting last month, because they did not want to be ”accomplices in the massacre of the Syrian people through delaying, cheating, lies, one-upmanship and monopolisation of decision-making.” The SNC, according to one of the three, Kamal Al-Labwani, is ”linked to foreign agendas that aim to prolong the battle while waiting… for the country to be dragged into a civil war.”
  1. #1 av Comedia Occidentalis på 7 maj, 2012 - 18:40

    Som vanligt sätter sionist ägda Reuters an tonen och agendan för HUR det parlamentariska valet i Syrien SKALL rapporteras i väst. ”På många håll i Syrien är det oklart om något parlamentsval verkligen pågår”. Sedan kommer sedvanliga ”oppositionspartierna vägrar att delta i flerparti valet …”. Både Bonniers ägda TV4 och SvT (som skyltar med att var ”en oberoende och fri -tv kanal”) har börjat agera ekokammare åt Reuters – innan valet ens avslutats.

    Vi kan slå vad att hela den s.k. ”fria” västerländska media kommer att upprepa samma sak (bara ansikten och namnen som byts ut). Precis som i Jugoslavien, Libyen och nu i Syriens. Den ”fria” median säger samma sak om Iran, Venezuela, Kuba, mm.

    Comedia Occidentalis

    Betänk detta: Alla tidskrifter, radio och tv-kanaler i väst säger en och samma sak – vilken teater! Det finns inget motstycke i historien. Även en papegoja misstar sig då och då – men inte den ”fria” västerländska media. Inte ens PRAVDA och Izvetsia kan komma i närheten.

    Årets fars: Saudiarabien, Qatar, Bahrain (ökända diktaturer) och Al-Qaida kämpar för demokrati i Syrien. I samma kabal ingår USA, EU och israel och stöttar projektet att terrorisera Syriens folk. Den ”fria” västmedia är med och bedövar västerlänningar med samma entoniga snacket om ”demokrati, frihet, fred” blaj, blaj, blaj … masshypnotiserade västerlänningar kan inte se bortom dimridåerna utom att upprepa vad mediamaffian matat de med.

    • #2 av Stan på 7 maj, 2012 - 22:19

      Mycket bra sagt! Instämmer, det är fascinerande hur de har lyckats dressera hela västvärldens medier och får dom att agera efter samma dirigent.

  2. #3 av Kerstin på 7 maj, 2012 - 23:32

    De har väl institutioner för Psykologiskt försvar i hela Västvärlden, gissar jag, som ser till att sammankalla alla chefsredaktörerna och beordrar dem att agera för ”rikenas säkerhet” dvs som USA kräver. Det är så lätt att länderna annars översvämmas av NED-finansierade NGO:er som destabiliserar dem.

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