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Gatilov: Drop in Syria Violence Proves Efficiency of UN Observer Mission

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov said that the drop in the level of violence in Syria proves the efficiency of the UN observer mission.
”Head of the UN observer team has said that violence in Syria has dropped significantly, which proves the efficiency of the UN observer mission, ” Gailov was quoted as saying on his Twitter page.

Syria: Deadly Blasts at main Cities on Saturday

Violence persisted on Saturday in Syria despite a UN monitored ceasefire, leaving nine people dead and several others injured. Explosions hit Syria in further signs that rebels fighting to topple President Bashar al-Assad’s regime are shifting tactics towards home-made explosives.
A car explosion hit the capital suburb of Daf al-Shouk on Saturday night, leaving two dead and five people injured. There was no word on casualties by Syrian Official.
Damascus and Aleppo have witnessed many suicide bombings recently.

Syria on the road to normalcy after tackling unrest

The recent turn of events has changed the course of Syria’s history and those nations that were planning another Iraq-like war in Syria have been disappointed.
The peace plan introduced by the UN special envoy Kofi Annan is soon to be realized and our brothers in Damascus will no longer have to fear an attack from tyrant powers. The blood of Syrian martyrs, both civilians and soldiers, has not been shed in vain and today the Syrians’ support for Assad is stronger than ever before.

There is no doubt that Damascus is embroiled in unrest, bloodshed and pandemonium. But to say that the government is responsible for it is far from the truth. The very nations that are demanding military intervention in Syria are silent about Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Why are they not worried about them? If Bashar Al-Assad the president of Syria was their puppet like Saudi and Bahrain regimes, we would have had a different story about Syria, there would have been no arms supply from Turkey and other neighboring nations, no funding of rebels and terrorist organizations by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other rouge states and the former Assistant Commissioner of London Metropolitan Police, John Yates would have been in Syria and not in Bahrain killing peaceful pro-democracy protestors.

What is the new US plan for Syria… and Lebanon’s role?

Many plans used by USA during the past 14 months of the aggression against Syria, and all of them were doomed to failure, and all that was accomplished was killings and destruction in the Syrian areas, losses suffered by the Syrian people in general, but they are not classified as victory or achievement of the plan.

Syria and Annan’s plan-Middle East Today-05-04-2012

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