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Fifteen Syrian soldiers killed in Aleppo terrorist attack

At least 15 Syrian security forces have been killed in a terrorist attack in the northern province of Aleppo despite the UN-brokered ceasefire.


Armed Groups Assassinate Two Warrant Officers in Daraa CountrysideRussia Condemns Terrorist Acts Committed Recently in Syria

Om 5 dagar ska det hållas parlamentsval i Syrien, kan vi vänta en upptrappning av terrordåden inför det?
En norsk generalmajor är ledare för observatörsgruppen i Syrien från FN, ganska märkligt eftersom Norge är ett NATO-land och NATO-länderna knappast har intagit en neutral position i konflikten.
Och centralbanken i Damaskus attackerades, varför välja ut den som mål? En symbol för statsmakten skrev västmedierna.

Syria’s upcoming election and the increase in NATO backed terror

The Central Bank: Symbol of State power as opposed to Private Bankster power??
How that must bother the private scum banker crowd and their sycophants at NATO??
Who simply must make the world safe for private plunder.
Shouldn’t a central bank be symbolic of the State, hence, the people’s power?
Central Banks should not be private. They belong to their respective people!
Those headlines give away much more then the average dumbed down reader would ever take away from them…

En mycket suspekt figur tillåts skriva öppet i skräpblaskan Expressen om sitt samröre med terrorister som gör räder in i ett land och dödar militärpersonal. Gissa vilket land det kan handla om, som sådant kan beskrivas som legitimt tack vare en kompakt medialögnkampanj om en ”regim” som hänsynslöst dödar den egna befolkningen – Så ska de störta regimen i Syrien – Dessa väpnade grupper talar dessutom öppet om att europeiska länder förser dom med vapen! Dessa länder som sen hycklande talar om att våldet måste upphöra!

Tony Cartalucci – UN Mute Over NATO’s Syrian Death Squads

Surely the UN doesn’t expect the world to believe rebels are picking their bomb-making materials and Kalashnikovs from Syria’s cypress trees – and knows full well such weapons, training, and cash are flowing over the borders, admittedly from the US-led ”Friends of Syria” cadre to support what is now clearly a terrorist campaign in direct violation of the UN’s own ”peace deal.”
Unfortunately, the UN will not demand an end to, or even mention the West’s support of the Syrian rebels, and instead use the violence to continue with their original plan – the establishment of ”humanitarian corridors” and ”safe zones” by armed NATO troops. From these established zones, the rebels can continue their campaign of violence against the Syrian people in pursuit of dividing and destroying Syria as a sovereign nation-state, in line not with ”international law,” but in the interests of Western imperial ambitions.

Scott Creighton – Obama Administration Undermines Syrian Peace Process While Planning Military Action

It seems that the Obama administration is doing everything they can to derail a May 7th Parliamentary election in Syria. Victoria Nuland has already gone on record saying the elections should not take place amid all the violence. Well, if she believes that then maybe her State Department should stop financing all that violence.
Seems they got another week to derail that whole “democracy thing” so they can bring “freedom and democracy” to Syria. At least, the kind of freedom that allows them to chop up their state and sell it off to the lowest bidder and the kind of democracy that allows opposition activists to round-up Syrians who like Assad and kill them like is happening in Libya as we speak.

Press TV – ‘West misusing Turkey against Syria’, Press TV has interviewed Saeb Shaath, author and Middle East expert, Belfast about how the UN cease fire is being played purposefully to further an imperialist agenda for military intervention in Syria to achieve forced regime change.

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