1 maj

Ett utdrag av några punkter från en överenskommelse den 19 april mellan Syrien och FN’s säkerhetsråd tyder på att FN är medveten om en del företeelser i Syrien som mainstreammedierna nästan alltid utesluter. Sharmine Narwani – Who’s Afraid of the UN Observer Mission?

16. Armed opposition groups and relevant elements operational requirements:
a. Cease all acts of aggression against Syrian Army formations, bases, convoys and infrastructure;
b. Cease all acts of aggression against Government agencies, buildings, infrastructure as well as private and public properties and not to hinder the resumption of public services;
c. Commit to stop all illegal activities according to Syrian law, including assassinations, kidnapping or vandalism; and to return all public and private property, stolen through violence, to their rightful owners.
d. Refrain from training, rearming, regrouping or reorganizing military formations;
e. Cease public and private display of weapons;
f. Commit, in accordance with Syrian law, not to conduct or initiate activities such as establishing checkpoints, conducting patrols or policing activities.
g. Allow the safe return of all affected people to their places of residence.

Kevin Barrett på Press TV – ‘West, Zionists seek instability, division in Syria’

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