25 april

‘UN must respect Syrian Sovereignty’, Interview with George Jabour, political analyst

More than ten days into a ceasefire, Syria is still grappling with terrorist attacks. What is really preventing an end to violence and where is the Syrian crisis headed if the peace plan fails?

Press TV – Terrorists kill two Syrian army officers, Red Crescent employee

According to the official Syrian news agency, Lieutenant Colonel Habes Aslan and Captain Nawras Rahieh were killed in two separate incidents on Wednesday.
A policeman was also gunned down in the restive city.
Meanwhile, terrorists have opened fire on an ambulance in the Damascus suburb of Douma, killing a Red Crescent volunteer and injuring another.
Civilian casualties were also reported in Idlib and Aleppo.

Webster Tarpley på Press TV – ‘US sent death squads into Syria’

Tarpley noted that the current situation in Syria shows that NATO is seeking an “armed intervention” in the country.
“There is an attempt by the NATO powers to create a civil war from the outside,” he said.

Tony Cartalucci – Neo-Imperialists Grind Away at Syrian Sovereignty

The oligarchs of Wall Street and London will continue directing their vast propaganda networks to portray the violence they themselves are fueling as a one-sided atrocity carried out solely by the long-targeted Syrian government. They will continue to use the UN as a willing tool to develop their casus belli for military intervention on behalf of known terrorists. We will also see the West attempt various ploys to prod members of the Syrian government and military into defecting as Syria is slowly destroyed just as in Libya.

sana.sy – Terrorist Group Infiltration Attempt from Turkey Foiled

Ekots inslag om Syrien idag är inte värt att uppmärksamma annat än som motbjudande exempel på de kontrollerade mediernas ensidiga propaganda, något för mediaforskare och liknande att lägga i arkiven.

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