21 april

Terrorist group blows up pipeline in Syria

Armed terrorists targeted the 12 inches pipeline that transfers oil from al-Tank field of al-Furat Petroleum Company to Alti-Two Station, SANA reported on Saturday.

Liksom foreignpolicy.com som togs upp i förra inlägget skriver man öppet på Brookings Institute att målet är att byta regering i Syrien och man bidrar med strategier för hur man kan gå tillväga. UN Working With NATO to Provide Pretext for Syrian Intervention

Recently reported in Reuters’, ”UN seeks Syria nod for major aid operation,” the UN is seeking to bring in ”aid workers” and open offices all across Syria in order to carry out what they call a ”major humanitarian operation.”

Al Jazeera regular, Michael Weiss of HJS, openly admits that ”diplomatic options” are merely being peddled to satisfy public opinion and that ultimately NATO will act unilaterally, outside of the UN, to militarily intervene.

En bra kommentar till den här videon på youtube.

what’s the difference between his government and western governments? I’ll tell you since your simple minded. at least people like Assad, Gaddafi etc are straight forward with their people, but, in the western so called democracy the people are fooled into believing that the people they vote in are actually who they say they are, when in REALITY they are just front men/women for secret evil bankster elites that fund both sides of the politics. also how many millions have these elites? murdered?

Ny artikel av Sharmine Narwani som förekommer i videon ovan, LÄS HELA! – Western Journalist: Visa Denied

Item number five on UN Envoy Kofi Annan’s 6-point plan for Syria is the following:
“(5) Ensure freedom of movement throughout the country for journalists and a non-discriminatory visa policy for them.”
At a delicate moment in the hard-fought Syrian conflict that could potentially destabilize the entire Middle East, the United Nations believes getting more journalists into Syria is one of the six most urgent actions to consider?
Why? Are foreign reporters trained in special “observer” skills – with unique truth-detecting abilities bubble-wrapped in bullet and mortar-proof goop? And what will they see that Syrians – who know Syria best – cannot observe for themselves?
What the UN is really demanding – let’s be honest here – is for the Syrian government to open up the country to “Western” journalists. Yet, in all the conflicts covered in recent years, I cannot recall one that has been more badly covered by the mainstream western media than this Syrian crisis.

Because, right now, I honestly cannot think of a group of people less capable of verifying things in Syria than western journalists. And it is not because they aren’t physically there or can’t string together more than two words in Arabic. It is largely because they feast at the trough of their own governments’ narratives on All Things. Western journalists are heady with a sense of righteousness leached from the oxymoronic “western values” shoved down our collective throats. Those same western values that demand “accountability” and “transparency” from all nations – while offering cover for western governments to hack their way through Muslim and Arab bodies in endless ”national security” wars.
Do tell… Which major mainstream western media outlet has ever fundamentally questioned their government’s narratives on these wars? Which major western journalist risked career for truth on affairs related to the Middle East? Give me the name of that brave western network reporter who disrupts press conferences regularly with inconvenient questions on weapons sales to Gulf dictatorships – and has his bosses go to the wall to ensure he remains in the White House press pool. Show me the western reporter at the Washington Post, New York Times, CNN, BBC, France 24 who has made a career of doggedly questioning Israel’s disproportionate use of force against civilian populations – a journalist who sticks a microphone under Sarkozy, Obama or Cameron’s nose and bellows: “What fucking Peace Process are you chaps banging on about?”

It is clearly time to challenge the dated concept that mainstream western media is impartial, objective or professional in their coverage of Mideast affairs. But we shouldn’t just bemoan this injustice in yet another stream of impotent essays and editorials. We must drag this industry of disinformation into the public arena, and make them accountable throughout the region by acting to affect ratings and readership.
Kofi Annan needs to immediately drop item number 5 on his Syria plan. While freedom of speech is important to uphold – even more so in times of strife – today, mainstream western journalism is nothing more than another face of the ”external intervention” he so gravely warns against. Toss those western journos out of Syria unless they can demonstrate independent, objective, responsible reporting of this conflict. False narratives are costing Arab and Muslim lives. And media ”combatants” need not apply to practice their craft in this region any longer.
  1. #1 av Kerstin på 21 april, 2012 - 20:15

    Men det förstår du väl att det var Assadarmén som sprängde den där pipelinen för att kunna skylla det på frighetskämparna 😦

    • #2 av Stan på 21 april, 2012 - 21:54

      Jo det kan man ju tänka sig att västmedierna i alla fall lagt fram som en möjlighet om de hade nämnt det här dådet.
      Och på tal om sprängd oljeledning så nämner ju Sharmine Narwani i artikeln ovan att CNN-reportrar i en syrisk stad efter tips monterat en videokamera i ett fönster i en viss riktning, efter några timmar sker en kraftig explosion (av en oljeledning?) som de då får med på filmen. Hade det skett någon annanstans hade det kallats delaktighet i terrorism.

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