11 april

Hur skulle regeringen agerat om väpnade gäng med stöd från utlandet med våld försökt störta landets ledning i USA?

Webster Tarpley på Press TV, finns utskrivet här – ‘West’s meddling absent in Kofi Annan’s biased Syrian report’

Det är precis samma mediakrigföring i USA som i svenska public service-media, hur är det möjligt att medierna över hela västvärlden kan agera efter samma dirigent!? – NYT Insults Intelligence in Latest Syrian Op-Ed

Under ”Executions,” HRW’s report describes the Syrian opposition’s practice of rounding up suspects and killing them without trial, generally on the grounds of confessions coerced through torture. Other executions are simply carried out as reprisals with no apparent offense beyond suspected affiliations being cited.
What responsible government would allow overtly armed factions to carry out such crimes within its borders?

Finally, the NYT shamelessly cites hearsay over an alleged ”cross border” incident admittedly unconfirmed and involving conflicting reports in an attempt to further demonize the Syrian government and provide the impetus for Turkey, a NATO member since the 1950’s, to establish Wall Street and London’s prescribed ”safe havens” and ”humanitarian corridors” from which to continue their attempts to topple the Syrian government. As a matter of fact, Today’s Zaman literally announced verbatim that Turkey’s next step would be indeed to implement this very strategy, conjured up not from within the halls of the Turkish government in Ankara, but within the pages of a Fortune 500-funded Washington ”think-tank.”
An informed citizen would recognize NYT’s editorial as just another mouthpiece of a singular Western agenda of premeditated violence with predetermined prescribed courses of action prepared to topple the government of Syria – a plan decades in the making. It is not that conditions on the ground have coincidentally converged to justify these plans – it is that professional liars like the NYT, the TV networks and the governments of NATO are creating and/or lying about the conditions on the ground when they otherwise would not exist to justify these plans.

Pepe Escobar – What’s goin’ on at the Turkish-Syrian border?

What this means is that Turkey is sheltering the FSA right on the border, only a few meters – and not kilometers – away from Syrian territory. Way beyond hosting a North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) command and control center in Iskenderun or months now – a fact already reported by Asia Times Online – Turkey has now advanced right to the border, enabling a back-and-forth by heavily weaponized guerrillas/mercenaries to attack a sovereign state.
Imagine a similar scenario happening, say, at a Mexican-US border in Arizona or Texas.
This can be seen as a very peculiar Ankara interpretation of ”safe havens” and ”humanitarian corridors” as outlined by what can be seen as the prime blueprint for regime change in Syria: a report [2] by the Saban Center at the Brookings Institution, authored by the usual cocktail of Israeli firsters and Qatar-affiliated Middle East ”experts”.

Everything you need to know about FSA – TurtleCr3w production

Kina anklagar Väst för väpnat våld i Syrien

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