6 april

Thierry Meyssan ger sin initierade lägesrapport – The Syrian debacle

With 83 states and intergovernmental organizations represented, the second ”Friends” of Syria conference was a media success. Yet, all the glimmer and gloss cannot hide NATO’s and the GCC’s defeat in Syria, which after a year of low intensity war have failed to bring about regime change and are now compelled to retreat in the face of the Russian-Sino-Iranian front. Thierry Meyssan sheds light on this bizarre diplomatic conference where words were not used to declare but to obscure.

Video som visar syrier från Sverige som just nu är på besök i sitt hemland för att med egna ögon se hur läget är och för att visa sitt stöd för landet.

Video med syriens FN-ambassadör Al Jaafari´s presskonferens igår, på engelska.

Uttalande av Al Jaafari enligt facebookgrupp, syriska regeringen vill ha vill ha skriftliga garantier på att de väpnade grupperna inte ska utnyttja situationen när regeringstrupperna drar sig tillbaka.

Syrian Ambassador to the UN Bashar al-Jafari said for his part that the government of the republic wants to get guarantees that the “militants will not seize cities when the troops are withdrawn from them.” The diplomat stressed that Damascus insists “on getting such written guarantees personally from Joint Special Envoy of the United Nations and the League of Arab States on the Syrian Crisis Kofi Annan” after he holds consultations in Saudi Arabia, Turkey and other countries supporting the rebels. “We demand a guarantee that the militants will not fill the vacuum after the withdrawal of troops,” he said.
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