4 april


Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, asserted on Wednesday that the so-called ‘Friends of Syria’ meetings undermine halting violence in Syria.
In the Azeri capital, Baku, Lavrov said in a statement that the so-called ‘Friends of Syria’ group are taking decisions instigating the opposition not to get involved in dialogue, adding that the group is also funding and arming the opposition.
The Russian Foreign Minister stressed that it is quite normal that all those acts would undermine all efforts exerted to halt violence, pointing out that sending weapons to the Syrian opposition would lead to protracting the crisis in Syria.
Lavrov added that it is crystal clear that the opposition will not defeat Syrian Army even if it was armed to teeth.

De väpnade gängens härjningar har inte upphört, hur ska man då kunna dra tillbaka militären?
Armed groups perpetrate two new massacres at Dir Baalba,killing four women and a number of citizens

Armed terrorist groups on Tuesday perpetrated two new heinous massacres at Dir Baalba town in Homs , killing four women and a number of citizens who were abducted earlier.

Scott Creighton – Obama Takes a Page from Reagan – Free Syrian Army are Now His Contras

Out of control warmonger Hillary Clinton is stepping up her efforts to force regime change in yet another country despite the horrific results of her previous “victory” in Libya. The silence from the antiwar fauxgressives is deafening.
In spite of the fact that Assad has agreed to a new peace plan with the so-called “rebels” in Syria, with a smile on her face reminiscent of the crazed glee she showed after Gadhafi was brutally murdered in Libya, Hillary Clinton answered questions dutifully read by an ABC “reporter” after her Orwellian named “Friends of Syria” conference yesterday.
She made it perfectly clear that the Obama administration’s position was regime change no matter what. Don’t forget, Syria just implemented serious reforms in the country a few months ago and are holding free elections in a couple weeks. None of that matters to the democracy hating Clinton crew. The LAST thing they want to see is the people of Syria vote for keeping Assad after all their propaganda and terrorist mercenary efforts to destabilize the country.
We think Assad must go,” Clinton told ABC today after attending the one-day Friends of the Syrian People conference in Istanbul. “The sooner the better for everyone concerned.” ABC News
One might expect the “reporter” from ABC to ask in response… “yes. But what gives you the right to decide who rules another country?”
But of course, we don’t have a real free press in this country do we?
Assad’s acceptance of the peace plan is falling on deaf ears in the Syrian National Congress since they refuse to even show up to the talks. They are still attacking civilian and infrastructure targets inside Syria while they meet with Hillary Clinton in private to discuss ways to document crimes committed by the Assad regime for future prosecution.
She met with the Syrian National Congress today to discuss how to document evidence of the atrocities for future investigations or trials in international criminal courts.” ABC News
Translation: the Peace Prize President’s Secretary of State met with the SNC to tell them how to better terrorize the people of Syria and file falsified reports (Syrian Danny anyone?) blaming the Syrian government for the crimes.
The big news of course from the “Friends” conference is the fact that they have decided, in plain sight mind you, to finance the terrorist “rebels” to the tune of another 100 million or so which makes them mercenaries.

Boris Dolgov – The Situation in and around Syria

The information war against Syria continues. The CNN and Euronews say the Syrian government forces, including army units using heavy artillery, attacked the opposition right after the UN Security Council’s statement was adopted killing 70 people. The reference was made to some mythical London-based ”Syrian Human Rights Monitoring Centre” that has neither staff nor office. Naturally this piece of information has never been confirmed. Looks like for he first time since the beginning of the Syrian crisis the Human Rights Watch had to say that the Syrian opposition was involved in “kidnappings, torture, forced confessions and summary executions of security personnel and civilians”. The fact many times confirmed by producing documented evidence by Damascus.

With Homs and Idlib cleaned from anti-government armed groups, the Syrian army actually has eliminated the pockets of the organized resistance. Still terrorist acts (explosive laden vehicle blasts) continue. Militant terrorists go on crossing the Syrian boundary. The get funds and arms from the adjacent countries.
A former Al Jazeera reporter, who has broken ties with the channel, says militants started to penetrate into Syria, from Lebanon in particular, in the first days of Daraa unrest in March 2011, that is long before the “atrocities committed by government” began. In his interview to Euronews, the journalist said he personally saw dozens of militants illegally crossing the Syrian border from Lebanon in March 2011.

Tony Cartalucci – West Seeks to Perpetuate Syrian Bloodbath

Any doubt that R2P was a contrived geopolitical ploy designed solely to veil the hegemonic ambitions of globalist oligarchs was laid to rest in the rubble of Libya’s grotesque dismemberment. And despite this doctrine’s legitimacy collapsing, it has been quickly arrayed against Syria next. As in Libya, Syria’s ”protesters” are in fact a mix of armed Syrian militants, foreign fighters, and terrorists provided a constant torrent of weapons and funding from NATO and its junior partners amongst the Arab League.
The unrest purposefully stoked by the West to put R2P options ”on the table” is coordinated with the corporate media which spins the chaos in a lopsided fashion, portraying the violence as the Syrian government callously ”slaughtering civilians.” Such tactics have already been used and exposed during the Libyan war, and like R2P itself seem to be collapsing upon their tenuous foundations.
And despite all of this, there are still calls for R2P in Syria. One article out of the Christian Science Monitor titled, ”‘Responsibility to protect’: the moral imperative to intervene in Syria,” sees lawyer and former USAID official James Rudolph lecture his audience as if talking to children about the need to intervene in Syria as if the last year of NATO-facilitated atrocities in Libya didn’t happen. We are brought right back to the beginning, with Western powers convening in Turkey faced with a Syrian government restoring order and taking R2P options ”off the table.”
The lies used to sell R2P to the public, the lies still being used by the likes of Rudolph in the Christian Science Monitor, begin to ring particularly hallow as the West lays out plans to purposefully prolong the bloody conflict in Syria. The corporate-financier funded US policy think-tank Brookings Institution in their Middle East Memo #21 ”Assessing Options for Regime Change (.pdf), literally says in reference to arming Syrian militants, ”alternatively, the United States might calculate that it is still worthwhile to pin down the Asad regime and bleed it, keeping a regional adversary weak, while avoiding the costs of direct intervention.”

April 2012-04-01, Syrian Crisis Updated

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