28 mars

RT talks to journalist and author Afshin Rattansi

Syrian army takes control of border region

The Syrian Army has reportedly taken full control of the Janudiyeh area, which is located in a strategic region on the Syrian-Turkish border.
An informed source told Arabi Press website that the seizure is a critical move by Syria regarding issues between Damascus and Ankara.
The Syrian troops took control of the area in a few hours and put a heavy defeat on the Turkish security forces, according to the source.

Webster Tarpley – ‘NATO-backed death squads fuel violence in Syria’

Press TV: Syria has agreed to a peace plan by Kofi Annan but how much does it correspond to the crisis in Syria?
Tarpley: The problem with the peace plan is that it fails to recognize that the origin of the problem are these foreign death squads, NATO-backed death squads, that have been introduced into the country over the last year or more and of course they have gathered a certain amount of indigenous population, people with various grievances against the regime.

What is planned is this buffer zone, in other words, the Turkish armed forces or Gendarmerie will seize a part of northern Syria and make that into a safe haven for these death squads and that they can regroup and continue their attacks into Syria.
Look at this Istanbul conference. On the surface, it looks like a coalition of the willing as we had in the previous decade ten years ago to attack Iraq. This one looks more and more like the Munich conference of September 1938, the one with [Adolf] Hitler, [Benito] Mussolini, [Neville] Chamberlin and [Edouard] Daladier.

SYRIA PEACE PLAN: West Moves To Kill Off ”Important First Step” To End Violence
Clinton Pushes So-called Opposition’s Demand For ‘Regime Change Or Nothing’

No sooner had Kofi Annan, the special United Nations envoy to Syria, announced scoring “an important first step” towards implementing a peace plan in the war-torn country, the US and Western powers were scrambling to scupper the goalposts.
US secretary of state Hillary Clinton led Western efforts to undermine the peace bid by appearing to abandon recently agreed terms for a ceasefire that would have included all parties in Syria.

Webster Tarpley på Press TV om Turkiets farliga spel angående Syrien, ‘Buffer zone along Syrian border, national suicide for Turkey’.

Syria rebels form death squad, behead army soldiers: Report

Syrian rebels have formed their own laws, courts and death squads in Baba Amr neighborhood in the restive city of Homs and beheaded the captured army soldiers, a report has revealed.
The report, published by Spiegel Online on Monday, discloses violent measures by the anti-government armed groups, laying bare the other side of the unrest in the Middle Eastern country.

Från facebook-grupp idag

A brigadier general was assassinated by a terrorist armed group in Aleppo when he was on his way to work.
Martyr General Khleif al-Abdullah from Air Forces was targeted by four terrorists in a Cerato car who shot the General dead near to al-Bassel Mosque in al-Hamadanyyah neighborhood.
The Martyr has three children, two sons and a daughter.
The city of Homs had a quiet morning after an attempt by terrorists over the night to bring back tension to some of the city’s districts using RBG mortars in Deir Balba, Albauadah, and Al Khalidya.
Shukumaku reporter pointed out that terrorists in these districts tried to bring back the tension to the city after the tranquility the visit of President Bashar Al Assad brought to its people, adding that those terrorists launched number of RBG mortars against residential areas in Alarman and Ekrima districts, causing material damages.
In Baba Amr, Law Enforcement units confiscated a store containing a press machine used by terrorists to print out flyers incite sectarian hatred.
The reporter confirmed that the press was satellite-connected to supply terrorists with images about military locations in Syria, adding that the owner of this press used to supply terrorists with money and weapon his name is Akram Alzouabi and he is a fugitive now.
The Security forces also confiscated a very advanced French communication system terrorists used it to connect with communication centrals out of Syria.
Shukumaku news

Press TV – Armed groups kill Syrian general‘Saudi Arabia, Qatar scared of Syria’s revenge’‘West retreats from aggressive stance on Syria’‘Assad is uniting Syrians regardless of their backgrounds’

Press TV interviewed Ralph Schoenman, a political commentator in Berkeley‘UN, AL are fronting for imperialist ambitions on Syria crisis’

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