26 mars

Intervju med Sharmine Narwani på Russia Today – ‘West looking for face-saving exit from Syria’

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has called on UN/LAS Special Envoy for Syria Kofi Annan to interact both with the Syrian authorities and the opposition, the Russian Foreign Ministry reported on Sunday.
A broad range of Syrian affairs was discussed. The minister noted that Russia supported Annan’s appointment to the position from the very start due to his experience and authority in the settlement of crises,” the ministry said.
Lavrov “stressed that all the sides must stop violence and the Syrian political process must begin,” it said.
It was noted that the UN Security Council’s approval of the proposals of the special envoy created an opportunity of progress towards peaceful settlement of internal Syrian problems. This task has special significance for stability in Syria and the whole Middle East region,” the ministry said.
The world “should render common support to the Annan mission. This implies non-interference in Syrian internal affairs and impermissibility of support to either side to the conflict,” Lavrov said.

“Human Rights” Warriors for Empire, Black Agenda Report

“NATO wants desperately to identify some sliver of Syrian soil on which to plant the ‘humanitarian’ flag of intervention.”

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch are swigging the ale with their fellow buccaneers. These “human rights” warriors, headquartered in the bellies of empires past and present, their chests shiny with medals of propagandistic service to superpower aggression in Libya, contribute “left” legitimacy to the imperial project. London-based Amnesty International held a global “day of action” to rail against Syria for “crimes against humanity” and to accuse Russia and China of using their Security Council vetoes to “betray” the Syrian people – echoing the war hysteria out of Washington, Paris, London and the royal pigsties of Riyadh and Doha. New York-based Human Rights Watch denounced Moscow and Beijing’s actions as “incendiary” – as if it were not the empire and its allies who were setting the Middle East and Africa on fire, arming and financing jihadis – including hundreds of veteran Libyan Salafists now operating in Syria.

March 2012-03-25, Syrian Crisis Updated, by Syrian Center for Documentation

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