23 mars

Video som visar dessa demokrati-kämpar som spränger en väg, och har sällskap av vad som ser ut som en västerländsk fotograf. Är man ute för att producera nyhetsmaterial?

Terror Management: ‘US losing last credibility in Syria’, Government consultant Christoph Hörstel

sana.sy – Three Military and Security Members Martyred, Car Loaded with Huge Amount of Explosives Seized, Terrorist Butchers Sister and Nephew
Citizens Flock to Saba’ Bahrat Square in Damascus, Express Rejection of Foreign Interference

Mohamed Omar – Is Wahhabi terrorism bad in France, good in Syria?

The French, and other Western governments, support Wahhabi fanatics in Syria, but they do not want them at their own back yard. In France a Wahhabi fanatic and terrorist like Mohammad Mehra is hunted, besieged and shot while in Syria Wahhabi terrorist groups are applauded as they kill soldiers, women and children.
In my eyes this looks like a moral dilemma. Western governments clearly have a credibility problem. Not only do they give all kinds of support to the likes of Mohammad Mehra in Syria, they also have friendly relations with the Saudi regime.
Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of Wahhabism, the ideology espoused by Mohammed Mehra and most of the insurgents in Syria. Wahhabism is the official sect of Saudi Arabia and it actively tries to spread it throughout the world. Without Wahhabism there would be no Al-Qaeda.

During the hunt for Mohammad Mehra and the siege of his hideout Toulouse turned into a small scale Bab Amro. The French authorities cut of water and electricity as the police waited for him to surrender. A single Wahhabi gunman managed to shake an entire city! Imagine if France had to deal with thousands of armed Wahhabi fanatics set on tearing down the government. Well, that is exactly the situation in Syria.
After this incident Sarkozy should think twice before blaming the Syrian government for its crack down on Wahhabi terrorist groups. These groups kill children, rape women, use civilians as human shields and occupy residential areas.
  1. #1 av monasara på 24 mars, 2012 - 09:31

    Vad är det för symbol på journalistens klädder i första fvideon ?

    • #2 av Stan på 24 mars, 2012 - 11:22

      Vet inte, men nog ser den maskerade mannen ut att komma från Europa.


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