20 mars

Svenska propagandamedier försöker framställa det som att Ryssland mjuknat i sin hållning och närmat sig västs ståndpunkt mot Syrien. Förhoppningsvis är det inget annat än just propaganda, från Russia Today:

Lavrov said Russia will support a statement or a resolution that could be adopted by the UN Security Council following Special Envoy Kofi Annan’s mission in Syria if they do not contain any ultimatum.
The UN Security Council’s appropriate reaction – be it in the form of a statement or a resolution – requires at least two conditions. The [UN] Security Council should not approve them as an ultimatum, but it ought to continue working and approve them as a foundation for Annan’s further efforts aimed at securing reconciliation between the Syrians, the government and all opposition groups,” Lavrov said.
It is also important “to publish these proposals formulated by Annan,” he added.
There will be no revision of Russia’s position on Syria, he stressed.

Press TV – West changes policy in Syria as Russia’s power rises

A political analyst says the West’s change of policy vis-à-vis Syria has handed Moscow the opportunity to take center stage in this regard.

Visste personal på Al Jazeera om i förväg att ett terrordåd var att vänta i Aleppo i söndags? På Al Jazeeras faceboksida skrev någon 15 timmar innan explosionen inträffade:

A huge explosion has hit the Aljadidel area in the city of Aleppo

Ytterst anmärkningsvärt! Har den som skrev det tagits in för förhör? Al-Jazeera knew about the bombing in Aleppo in advance?

SYRIA: US-NATO Supported ”Opposition” Commits Extensive War Crimes

Today it was reported by the New York Times that the NGO Human Rights Watch (HRW) issued a report stating that the Syrian opposition was committing war crimes. Specifically, the Times stated that the rebels had been accused of a “catalog of abuses including ‘kidnapping, detention and torture of security force members, government supporters and people identified as members of pro-government militias, called shabiha.’” When one looks at the report itself (there is also a public letter to the leaders of the Syrian opposition) , it states that HRW has also “received reports of executions by armed opposition groups of security force members and civilians” and that “Some of the statements collected suggest that certain armed attacks by opposition groups were motivated by anti-Shia or anti-Alawite sentiments arising from the association of these communities with government policies.”

China’s stance on Syria: ’A matter of principle’video med intervjun med den kinesiske Mellanösternexperten.
video – Defend Syria’s Freedom (Global March for Syria, London)

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