18 mars

Flera hundra Al Qaida-krigare från Libyen har de senste veckorna anlänt till olika hotell i Amman i Jordanien. De flyttade plötsligt ut från hotellen i fredags, 16 mars, till okänd destination. Samtidigt har bussar gått fram och tillbaka under fredagen och lördagen och förflyttat 2000 krigare till vad som kallas ett flyktingläger i Hatay i Turkiet. Dessa transporter som sköts av turkiska militären pågår fortfarande. voltairenet.org – URGENT – Syria: Foreign fighters amassing on Turkish and Jordanian borders


The Turkish Army contemplates penetrating into Syrian territory to secure a rebel base on the pretext of protecting civilians. NATO is repeating here with it did in Kosovo in terms of violating international law, but without taking center stage. This new war could find some semblance of international legitimacy if it were to garner the political support of a significant number of the States attending the second ”Friends of Syria” conference on 2 April 2012 in Turkey. NATO could thus indirectly measure itself against the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

Även Tony Cartalucci varnar för att Turkiet används för planerade operationer mot Syrein – NATO member Turkey, guilty of a century of mass murder, seeks ”humanitarian intervention” in Syria

Once again Turkey, a NATO member since 1952, is considering the partial military invasion of Syria to give foreign terrorists and extremist militants attempting to overthrow the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, a reprieve in their failing campaign.

Reuters reports in their article, ”Turkey considers buffer zone along Syria border,” that ”Turkey is considering setting up a buffer zone inside Syria to tackle a growing flow of refugees fleeing the conflict there.” Noting that the buffer zone would indeed be on Syrian soil and require an armed Turkish presence to maintain it, the prospect of open war between Turkish and Syrian forces is all but certain.

Turkey does however have an opportunity for a clean break, an act of defiance against the West it is seemingly, irrationally beholden to. They can end the conflict in Syria by another means – denying foreign fighters, arms, and equipment from crossing their border and allowing their neighbors in Syria to restore order in their cities and countrysides.
Global public opinion of the world is shifting against the West and forming behind the multi-polar non-interventionism of the BRIC nations. Turkey must decide for itself whether or not it wants to be on the right side of history, or sacrifice itself in an act of war and intrusion for a conflict clearly started by meddling foreign nations from day-one.

Michel Chossudovsky för ett par dagar sen, innan den senaste terroristattacken. Enligt honom behöver det inte råda någon tvekan om att utländska trupper redan är inblandande i fientligheter mot Syrien.

”MI6 and CIA operatives are there,” he stated during an interview with RT. ”This is from their own sources, incidentally, it’s not hearsay, it is actual fact. British special forces have met up with members of the Free Syrian Army and they are training members of the Free Syrian Army from a base in Turkey. British MI6 operatives have reportedly been training the rebels in urban warfare.”

Från globalresearch.ca – sammanfattning och bakgrund om Syrien på globalresearch.ca

Tony Cartalucci Syrian Rebels are Foreign-backed Terrorists

US-led NATO and the UN are backing terrorists in the midst of military conquest disguised as ”humanitarian intervention.”
Clearly ”humanitarian concerns” are a disingenuous justification for continued meddling in Syria, with all involved notorious fabricators and harboring a staggering array of demonstratively conflicting interests.
With the addition of evidence proving the premeditated use of terrorist elements in the overthrow of sovereign foreign nations in US policy planning, the West’s efforts, as well as those of their proxies carrying their agenda out on the ground in Syria, are exposed as illegitimate criminality of vastly unprecedented proportions.

US-NATO SUBVERSION IN SYRIA: Saudi Arabia Is Arming Syrian ”Opposition” As Twin Car Bombs Kill 27 In Damascus

United Nations’ figures claim that more than 8,000 people have been killed since conflict erupted in the country one year ago.
Credible reports say over half of the total deaths have come from Syrian state forces. That corroborates various sources indicating that supposed Syrian opposition groups are well armed and trained. Indeed the main opposition faction, the self-styled Syrian Free Army, has claimed that it has received weapons from the US, Britain and France.
Syrian government forces have intercepted sophisticated weapons shipments, including anti-tank rockets, originating from Israel. And it is believed that NATO member Turkey is also supplying arms into Syria.
Yet in spite of the mounting evidence of foreign subversion and terrorism in Syria, the Western mainstream media continue to depict the country as a cause for “humanitarian intervention” by NATO forces in what would be a reprise of their involvement in Libya. The latter was purported to be based on a “responsibility to protect” civilians lives. But it has since been shown to be a squalid neocolonial affair of “responsibility to protect” oil interests. With such war criminals and Arab dictators lining up again in Syria, we can be sure that the agenda has nothing to do with protecting civilians.
The latest atrocity in Damascus indicates the depths of depravity to which these powers are capable of descending in order to play their geopolitical game.
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