17 mars

Syrien återigen drabbat av terrordåd – Two Terrorist Attacks Target Damascus, Preliminary Indications Point to Two Booby-trapped Cars Attack – maverablogg – Syrien: terrorattentat i Damaskus video-intervju hos Morris – Syrian Girl – Damascus Bombings Today
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Syrian Health Minister: 27 killed, 97 wounded in Damascus Terrorist Bombings

8dagar.blogspot.com – Rapport ljuger

SVT:s Rapport ger en fullständigt grotesk bild av läget i Syrien. Gång på gång visar man rebellerna och återger okritiskt deras historier. I fredagssändningen inte ett ord om torsdagens mångtusenhövdade demonstrationer till stöd för regimen.
Varför ska tittarna vilseledas? Svenska dagbladet rapporterade i alla fall att stöddemonstrationer förekommit.

Global March for Syria Continues…Citizens Gather to Express Rejection of Foreign Interference, Support to Reforms
maverablogg – Syrien: massdemonstrationer tills stöd för regeringen

Media war against Syria and boosting of violence from outside the country

So far, Kofi Annan said nothing about the content of talks with al-Assad. But today, he will report all this, however, to the UN behind closed doors. Why behind closed doors? Do they want to make sure that nothing “bad” (e.g. the truth) can penetrate to the outside – as it happened with the report of the Arab League (AL) observers, which was finally buried by Qatar because it wasn`t one-sided.
One thing is certain: it must come to a rest in Syria soon and the killing of innocent people has to stop an end immediately. The killing cannot be stopped, if weapons are still delivered to the armed radicals and mercenaries from abroad. The gunmen, but also the “Syrian National Council” (SNC), is not willing to negotiate.

Press TV – Saudi Arabia delivers weapons to armed gangs in Syria

A Syria bound Saudi Arabian shipment of military equipment intended for Syrian armed gangs is on its way to Jordan, AFP reported.

William Engdahl på Russia Today, ”Engdahl says the Arab Spring in general is a well-planned, long-term project aimed at regime change in the Islamic world. And looking at the aftermath of the Arab Spring revolutions, it is anarchy instead of democracy that was successfully achieved.” ..
”He claims that the goal of the external forces, such as the National Endowment for Democracy, the US State Department and the Pentagon, is “redrawing the map of the Middle East and militarization of the Middle East to control the oil flows to countries like China, to the European Union and so on.”
“The Pentagon map [of a new Middle East] is showing that Syria, under the proposed changes, would simply have no access any longer to the Mediterranean – which is rich with oil and gas, as recent discoveries have confirmed.”

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