Bestämda ord från Ryssland

Russia slams bid to mislead international community on Syria

The Russian Foreign Minister has condemned efforts by certain Western countries for a regime change in Syria by misleading the international community and manipulating the UN Security Council.
Addressing the United Nation Security Council during a meeting about the Middle East, Sergei Lavrov said on Monday that no conclusion can be achieved on Syria by misleading the international community, adding that a stable settlement can be achieved only through dialogue between the government and the opposition.
Lavrov also rejected military intervention in Syria and said that any foreign interference would jeopardize regional stability.

Kan passa bra i sammanhanget att hänvisa till en artikel på – Why Russia is a ”wall” to the advance of fascism

Whilst neither the US nor the UK nor Europe are in anyway “the Enemy” of Mankind, the private Global Power Masters who have hijacked those nations and embedded themselves deep into their private and public power structures are. They so fully control these countries’ economies, banks, finance, foreign policies, military, media and other aspects that, in practice, those Global Power Masters ARE the Enemy, and every time they rear their ugly heads through State Department/Pentagon or Foreign Office/NATO aggressions, attacks and invasions, then those public institutions of Government DO circumstantially become instruments of that Enemy.

When Russia acts as a Brake, we raise our eyebrows in renewed hope. Take Syria and Iran, for example, where Russia openly vetoed US/UK sponsored UN Resolutions against Syria and refused to align behind IAEA pseudo-reports and sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program. Here we start getting that “High Noon Showdown” feeling and start wondering whether there might not be a shootout. The US, UK, France and Israel start getting really nervous and drag their feet in carrying out their threats. Actually, they are forced to resort to more and more clandestine and criminal operations which serve to unmask the fact that those countries are basically run by mafias.
The final question today is what needs to happen for Russia to act as a solid Wall telling the Western Powers, “This is as far as you can go; this is as much as we will tolerate”. If and when Russia finally does that, will the Western Powers stand down or will they try to run their bulldozers through the Russian Wall?

Om man sen vill ha ett övertydligt och obehagligt exempel på de ryggradslösa medlöparna till dessa mänsklighetens fiender, västs finansmaffia, kan man se ett inslag på Ekot om det senaste desperata utspelet i FN:

FN:s rapportör om Syrien, Paulo Pinheiro, sa i dag att regeringstrupperna bombar bostadsområden som kollektiv bestraffning och att läget är desperat. Situationen försämras nu dag för dag.

Det verkar som att de bestämt sig för att ge sig på Syrien, att galningarna är helt desperata! Hur kommer Ryssland att agera?

  1. #1 av Kerstin på 13 mars, 2012 - 13:04

    Jodå, jag har läst på andra ställen att Washington/Pentagon är fast beslutna att ta ner Syriens regim. De är nog beredda att starta WWIII, så man undrar vad de är drogade med.


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