11 mars

Ryssland och Arabförbundet har förhandlat om Syrien och har kommit överens om några punkter, bl.a. att våldet ska upphöra från alla sidor, och det ska inte vara tal om någon utländsk inblandning. Låter sunt och självklart. Samtidigt har Sveriges Radio Ekot haft en sanslös kampanj igår och idag med inlägg (1234) som inte har mycket med de verkliga händelserna i Syrien att göra. Vad kan det betyda? Ett tecken på en verklig kris i västs krigs och propaganda-apparat? Eller är de till för att förbereda oss för en desperat förestälning av något slag?

James Petras – The Bloody Road to Damascus: The Triple Alliance’s War on a Sovereign State

There is clear and overwhelming evidence that the uprising to overthrow President Assad of Syria is a violent, power grab led by foreign-supported fighters who have killed and wounded thousands of Syrian soldiers, police and civilians, partisans of the government and its peaceful opposition.

The killings and mass flight of refugees is not the result of gratuitous violence committed by a blood thirsty Syrian state. The Western backed militias have seized neighborhoods by force of arms, destroyed oil pipelines, sabotaged transportation and bombed government buildings. In the course of their attacks they have disrupted basic services critical to the Syrian people including education, access to medical care, security, water, electricity and transportation. As such, they bear most of the responsibility for this humanitarian disaster, (which their imperial allies and UN officials blame on Syrian security and armed forces). The Syrian security forces are fighting to preserve the national independence of a secular state, while the armed opposition commits violence on behalf of their foreign pay-masters in Washington , Riyadh, Tel Aviv, Ankara and London

Hezbollah: U.S. mission in Lebanon running operations against Syria

The deputy head of Hezbollah’s Executive Council, Sheikh Nabil Qaouk, accused the U.S. Embassy in Lebanon Sunday of running smuggling operations and arming groups against Syria.
“The American ambassador to Lebanon is working on raising sedition and incitement. What is even worse is that U.S. officers at the embassy are running smuggling operations and arming [groups] against Syria,” Qaouk said during a ceremony in the town of Babliyeh in the southern coastal city of Sidon.
“And the American embassy in Lebanon acts a spy network and a military operations room against Syria,” he added, describing U.S. envoy Maura Connelly as the “ambassador of strife.”

Väpnade grupper har stoppats på väg in från Turkiet, frågan är hur många som tagit sig in andra vägar. Dock inget om att man funnit några kemiska vapen – sana.sy

Authorities Foil Infiltration Attempt by Terrorist Group from Turkey into Idleb Countryside
The authorities foiled on Saturday and infiltration attempt by an armed terrorist group from the Turkish territories into Idleb countryside leading to clashes which resulted in killing a number of terrorists, arresting others and seizing their weapons.
The terrorists’ weapons included Kalashnikovs, pump action guns, machine guns and communication devices as well as drug pills, military suits and ammunition.

Personal med uppgift att hjälpa till i destabiliseringen finns säkerligen bland de som utger sig för att vara journalister – Information Ministry Monitoring Illegal Entry of Arab and Foreign Correspondents into Syria

The Information Ministry is monitoring the illegal entry of some correspondents from Arab and foreign media establishments into Syria, in addition to monitoring the employment of correspondents illegally, affirming that it will take the necessary legal steps against these individuals and establishments.
In a statement issued on Friday, the Ministry said that journalists, some correspondents, especially from satellite channels known for their hostility towards Syria, are accompanying terrorists, promoting their crimes and fabricating baseless news, all of which is considered to be complicity in terrorism against all Syrians and makes these individuals and their establishments liable for legal prosecution.

Scott Creighton – Assad Promise an “Honest Effort” to Stop Violence While “Peaceful Activists” Clamor for More Bloodshed

Syrian President Bashar Assad has promised UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan to make an “honest effort” to find a peaceful resolution to the Western manufactured crisis taking place in his country right now but the heavily armed foreign “activists” have apparently rejected any possibility of a peaceful settlement to the conflict as long as the activists themselves keep shooting civilians and blowing up oil pipelines (otherwise known as a “destabilization campaign”… look up Special Forces unconventional warfare)
Obviously, Assad’s point is that as long as foreign terrorists are still attacking infrastructure and civilians in his country, peace talks are pointless. He’s right. It’s been made clear since Friday that the opposition refuses to negotiate.
You can hardly expect the mercenaries to agree to a deal. They weren’t hired to work out some kind of political reforms (which Assad has already begun), they were hired to destabilize Syria so brave Hillary Clinton could fly in and land on the rubble and start handing over Syria’s national wealth to her friends at the Carlyle Group and the Clinton Global Initiative. Poor mercs don’t want to piss Hillary off, that never ends well.

Om Special Forces unconventional warfare, som att spränga oljeledningar och annat för att destabilisera ett land, som Creighton nämner, kan man läsa om i den här pdf-rapporten – hämtad från nsnbc.wordpress.com

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