4 mars

William Bowles – Syria: One Country, Two Stories

The FSA is engaged in an armed rebellion against the Syrian state and doing it from inside a city, with the inhabitants caught in the middle. In reality they are being held hostage by the FSA, itself a war crime. So how is the government to respond to an armed insurrection and most certainly not a popular revolution whatever grievances the people have?

Defend or not, the Syrian government. Those of you on the left who are crying for revolution in Syria, are firstly most fortunate not to be doing it in Syria, where a life and death battle is going on between the right to national independence or de facto serfdom to Western capitalism.

Hama deserted house found full of weapons used by terrorists

“Syrian” (read as British) Danny Exposed as FraudBrit Propagandist in Syria: The Good Guys?

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