27 feb

Thierry Meyssan, som befinner sig i Syrien, rapporterar om läget i Homs, och om de utländska journaliser som finns kvar där – For the release of our compatriots and colleagues held captive in Baba Amr

The Syrian generals deemed that the Battle of Homs was won on 13 February and reported to President Bashar al-Assad that it was over on Thursday, 23 February, at 1900 hours.
Victory does not have the same meaning for civilians as for the military. The former dream of a return to a peaceful life. The latter proclaim it much in the same way as a surgeon at the end of a successful operation. The fact remains that the injured are still subjected to months of treatment and years of rehabilitation. Specifically, what the end of the battle means to them is that the rebels have been confined inside a completely encircled area and no longer pose a threat to their security.

If the world loses Syria, there seems no further bright future for the world

Anyway the gathering in Tunis might mean the US-led “despicable” gangster act is definitely a step closer for their nakedly direct military acts against Syria if the world, particularly China and Russia and the rest of the world further hesitate to find out what to do with the situation other than repeating their usual, ordinary and normal DIPLOMATIC efforts.
In other words, if China and Russia and the rest of the world continue their diplomatic overtures which seem to have been TOO NICE, TOO GENTLE, TOO ORDINARY, TOO DIPLOMATIC, thereby could-be interpreted TOO NAIVE while US and its mercenary subordinates further step up their ALREADY TOO MUCH UGLY, TOO MUCH VILE, TOO MUCH EXTRAORDINARY, and TOO MUCH VIOLENT in their CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, it seems there won’t be any bright future NOT ONLY in the Middle East region BUT ALSO for the rest of the world.

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Homs / An armed Terrorist Group on Monday shelled with mortars a military educational Complex in Homs, claiming the lives of two members and injuring 12 others.

Daraa / Border Guard personnel foiled an infiltration attempt by an armed terrorist group coming from Jordan in Tal-Shihab area in Daraa countryside.
The border guard personnel clashed with the terrorist group killing 5 terrorists and wounding two others and the rest of them ran away to the Jordanian territories.

al Hasaka / Authorities seized in al-Hasaka province two cars loaded with various weapons. The weapons seized in the two cars included 106 rifles, machine guns and 3 RPG launchers, two sniper rifles and large amounts of ammunition coming from Iraq.
The source pointed out that after fire exchange, the authorities managed to seize the two cars and arrest the people riding them.
The source added that the authorities seized another car loaded with 26 rifles coming from Turkey.

Christof Lehmann – Syria Referendum: A Battle Won A War and Peace to Win

Yesterday more than 100.000 Syrians demonstrated in Damascus and in massive demonstrations in other cities that Syrians, including the “real opposition” whose leaders have taken actively part in writing the new constitution, and who are eager to see stability and the next coming elections. Both the draft constitution, the massive turnout, as well as the pro Syrian, anti foreign involvement, and anti “Friends of Syria” protests have been the massive PR disaster that the Iznogood Alliance of the Friends of Syria wanted to avoid at all costs. An not surprisingly, the Western Main Stream Media are omitting the massive turnout and anti foreign protests.
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