21 feb

Om mediakrigföringen mot Syrien.

Scott Creighton om en amerikansk Cecilia Uddén – CNN’s Arwa Damon is at it Again – Filing Fake Reports About Syria

Maybe in the future she can sit back and smile and think to herself that she helped bring about yet another NATO bombing and another 30,000 or so dead civilians.
Maybe she’ll get real lucky and the Syrian shock and awe will help bring about an attack on Iran and eventually WWIII. Boy, wouldn’t her teacher daddy be proud of that?
My little girl helped bring about the slaughter of millions of people by lying through her fucking teeth with every breath in her body! What a proud moment this is
war-monger Arwa Damon’s daddy

från facebook idag:

The authorities in Daraa dismantled a 25-KG explosive planted by an armed terrorist group near Bosra Square which witnesses crowd traffic movement and it is located next to a, elementary school.
After defusing the explosive, it was clear that the explosive filled with heavy-blowup material that will be bombed through remote control and use as anti-tanks.
Meanwhile, another armed group targeted al-Mansour and Abu Bakr al-Sidiq mosques in downtown Daraa with RPGs in a flagrant continuation to the terrorists’ criminal mind in order to attribute these acts to the Syrian Army.
The armed group also hit with RPGs a school and medical center, causing grave damages to the school, Fortunately there were no persons or students at the time of aggression.

Om det möte i FN som Qatar av någon anledning ville ha kort efter att Ryssland och Kina lagt in sitt veto mot västs planer i säkerhetsrådet.
Ronda Hauben – Using the UN General Assembly to Justify War and ”Regime Change” in Syria

One of the most comprehensive statements of what is happening both in Syria and at the United Nations was presented by Ambassador Maria Rubiales de Chamorro of Nicaragua on Monday. (2) Her statement deserves serious attention. Following is a summary of her presentation.
The Nicaraguan Ambassador explained that at a Summit meeting of ALBA in early February, an analysis of the situation in Syria was discussed and a condemnation was issued of the policy of the interference in the domestic affairs of Syria, as well as the effort to destabilize Syria.
Also ALBA condemned what it called “armed violence by irregular groups supported by foreign powers against the Syrian people.”
Calling for a return to calm in Syria and support for peaceful reform and national dialogue, she referred to the steps being taken by the government of Syria to arrive at a political solution to the conflict.
But what is interfering with such efforts, she explained, is the fact that the “same script that the forces of NATO and their allies implemented in Libya” is now being applied to Syria.
Ambassador Rubiales de Chamorro pointed to the actions of NATO and its allies against Libya where “these same actors carried out the same practices and policies”.
The “play” in process against Syria that she described, included several acts. She listed these acts as:
2)Arming of Terrorists
3)Military Intervention
4)Destruction of the Country
5)Juicy Contracts for the Reconstruction of that country that they themselves have destroyed
The Ambassador called on other members of the UN to make clear that “we do not share the hypocritical view of life that is now being labeled R2P.” (Responsibility to Protect)
R2P, she said, “cannot be allowed to become a devious argument to justify foreign intervention in the domestic affairs of states.”
She explained that the Arab League Observer Mission Report had documented that Syria had complied with the protocol setting up the mission and the Arab Plan of Action.(3)
The Syrian government withdrew members of the military from the streets. It released thousands of detainees who had not been involved in acts of violence. It facilitated the work of the foreign media. But yet the very report documenting these conclusions is “now being swept under the carpet,” she noted.
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