artikel av Diana Johnstone

Diana Johnstone – The Road To Damascus…And On To Armageddon?, “Western politicians and media are not yet fighting World War III, but they are talking themselves into it.”

Paris: What if pollsters put this question to citizens of the United States and the European Union :
“Which is more important, ensuring disgruntled Islamists freedom to overthrow the secular regime in Syria, or avoiding World War Three?”
I’ll bet that there might be a majority for avoiding World War III.
But of course, the question is never framed like that.
That would be a “realistic” question, and we Westerners from the heights of our moral superiority have no time for vulgar “realism” in foreign policy (except the eccentric Ron Paul, crying out in the wilderness of Republican primaries).
Because, in the minds of our political ruling class, the United States has the power to “make reality”, we need pay no attention to the remnants of whatever reality we didn’t invent ourselves.
Our artificial reality is coming into collision with the reality perceived by most or at least much of the rest of the world. The tenants of these conflicting views of reality are armed to the teeth, including with nuclear weapons capable of leaving the planet to insects.
Theoretically, there is a way to deal with this dangerous situation, which has the potential of leading to World War. It is called diplomacy. People capable of grasping unfamiliar ideas and understanding viewpoints other than their own, examine the issues underlying conflict and use their intelligence to work out solutions that may not be ideal but will at least prevent things from getting worse.
There was even an organizational structure created for this: the United Nations.
But the United States has decided that as sole superpower it doesn’t really need to stoop to diplomacy to get what it wants, and the United Nations has been turned into the instrument of US policy. The clearest evidence of this was the failure of the UN Security Council to block the NATO powers’ abuse of the ambiguous and contested Responsibility to Protect (“R2P”) doctrine to overthrow the Libyan government by force.
  1. #1 av wikström på 14 februari, 2012 - 13:12

    Våra samhällen är opp och nervända. Trots att republikanernas presidentkandidater ( alla utom Ron Paul) öppet försvarar tortyr som på tryckningsmetod och kan tänka sig att anfalla Iran med kärnvapen så tar inte media upp dessa vansinniga åsikter trots att de här herrarna är ute efter världens mäktigaste politiska post. Tvärtom kallar de den kandidat som för fram återhållsamhet och tillbakadragandet av sitt lands utländskt baserade militär, för exentrisk. De som vill ha krig hyllas, den som vill ha fred föraktas. Världen behärskas av dårar, ja rent av superdårar.


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