Lyssna på den syriske FN-delegaten Bashar al-Jaafari’s tal i idag, 36 min på arabiska och med engelsk översättning, här – www.unmultimedia.org
från facebook:

”Syria does not think about arming protesters in London or those a part of Occupy Wall Street.”
-Bashar al-Jaafari when speaking about the West supplying Syrian terrorist arms.

Russia revealed their ideal plan to the Syrian crisis is 3 steps:
1) observer’s mission to be continued,
2) dialogue involving both sides ON GROUND (i.e in SYRIA)
3) new Syrian constitution, multi-party elections.

sana.sy – Al-Jafari: Syria has Right to Protect its Citizen, Combat Terrorism and Armed Violence

sana.sy – Lavrov Reiterates Russia’s Refusal of Foreign Interference in Syria, Regrets Decision of Stopping Observer Mission

Up in arms: ‘Iraqi Jihadists and weapons flow to Syria’

Russia Today – Western media ‘selective’ in Syria reports

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