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voltairenet.org – With the observers gone, the lie industry is back in full swing

War on the ground, war in the media space: Who is fighting who in Homs today?

‘West uses UN as cover to wage wars’ , Press TV has conducted an interview with Ralph Schoenman, author and political commentator, to share his opinion on this issue

Press TV: Tell us about the significance of what is taking place in Russia and Chinese veto on this UN draft resolution on Syria?
Schoenman: Well it is very important that those vetoes have taken place for the simple reason that what is at work here is an attempt to hijack the United Nations as it has been so many times and deploy as a cover for naked intervention on the part of the CIA and the Mossad and of the imperial forces of capitalist west.
The question here is not that there is a mass movement in Syria. It is not a question of there being wide spread opposition to the government of Basher al-Assad. The issue is that the armed intervention on the part of what is called the Free Syrian Army has been well documented as an operation of both the Qatari and Arab League front spokespeople for United States and NATO and Israel.
We have documented this, the Chinese and Russian representatives have stated very clearly. I quote: “We are concerned with the absolutely unrealistic provision expecting that the government in Syria withdraw from cities and towns exactly when sponsored armed groups are taking over quarters of those cities and towns”.

Thierry Meyssan – The GCC and NATO lose their leadership

During this crisis, and even today, Western leaders and Arab monarchs have managed to intoxicate not only their own people, but a large part of international public opinion. They made people believe that the Syrian population had risen against their government and that he conducted a bloody crackdown against political protesters. Satellite channels not only concocted arrangements for misleading the public, but they also shot staged images in a studio to fit their propaganda purposes. Ultimately, the GCC and NATO invented and kept alive through the media for ten months a revolution that existed only in words and images, while on the ground Syria had to face a low intensity war conducted by the Wahhabi Legion supported by NATO.

By making use of their veto, Moscow and Beijing have defended two principles: respect for the truth, without which justice and peace are impossible, and respect for the sovereignty of peoples and states, without which no democracy is possible.
The time has come to strive to rebuild a human society after a period of barbarism.

Observatörerna som utsågs av Arabförbundet påpekade i sin rapport de väpnade gängens attacker och dess betydelse för situationen i Syrien. Det var inte vad västländerna ville höra, alltså fick de avbryta sin insats.
I den resolution som väst ville ha igenom i FN talades det om att den syriska militären skulle dras tillbaka från städerna till sina baracker, medan avsnittet som Ryssland ville ha med om att de väpnade gängen också skulle avbryta allt våld inte var med! Man ville ha det som i Libyen, allt stöd och vapenleveranser till ”rebellerna” som skulle få härja fritt, medan landets ordningsmakt skulle bakbindas och snällt se på!

Alexander Mezyaev – Syria and UNSC: New Provocation against Russia

Before the UNSC January 31 session the Arab League documents were distributed. The report of general al-Dabi, head of the Arab league Syrian Mission, was not included ( it was formally explained the text of the report was coming later because it was sent by courier). The report presents a positive assessment of the Syrian government actions. Its conclusion says the Syrian authorities did comply with all demands put forward (4). At the session the Syrian representative asked for explanations of this blatant fact. The Arab League chief Nabil al-Arabi said his presence was enough – he and prime minister of Qatar would give all explanations and general al-Dabi was responsible for “watching the situation unfold on spot!” (5). His reaction is understood. The matter is the report presented by the general confirms the fact that armed gangs attack the Syrian civilian population, state agencies and even security forces. These facts call for mandatory cessation of violent actions by all sides not just the government. The report acknowledges a campaign of systematic facts distortions and fabrications is taking place in order to shape a negative image of Syrian leadership.

What was the content of the “Moroccan” draft? It endorsed the Syrian crisis peaceful settlement plan elaborated by the Arab League. The plan envisaged a number of steps to be taken by the Syrian government, including the withdrawal of armed forces from all populated areas back to the barracks. However much more important was what was not included in the draft. Ignoring Russia’s stance the draft did not include the demands for “the Syrian opposition to distance itself from extremist groups that commit acts of violence and a call on all states and all those who possess adequate resources to influence the groups to make them stop it.” Besides the Russia’s demand that “armed groups stop attacks against state institutions and populated city areas while the Syrian armed forces are leaving cities” was ignored. Why the “Moroccan” version? These obviously natural demands do not reflect “purely” Russian interests but rather meet the basic requirements of any peaceful settlement: a ceasefire by both sides, no acts of violence towards civilians on the part of those who aspire to the role of opposition. The refusal to include these provisions into the draft means only one thing – deliberate provocation to make resort to the right of veto.
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