26 jan

Lizzie Phelan intervjuas på Press TV, bl.a. om Arabförbundets senaste uttalande – ‘Arab League report on Syria flawed’

But the Arab League, on the one hand, they’re acknowledging that arms insurgents inside the country, but they’re not acknowledging then that as a result the Syrian government is in a very difficult position.
Because if they’re acknowledging that in places like Homs and other places, that there are arms insurgents inside the country, then what we know is that these insurgents are embedded amongst the civilian population. This is very difficult for the Syrian military and the government to respond to in a decisive way without causing a loss to civilian life.
So, on the one hand they’re calling for no action by the Syrian army but on the other hand they’re acknowledging that there is a real threat to the civilian population, army and police by arms insurgence.
One must ask what their recommendations are that the Syrian state should do in the face of that problem.
And then, of course, the other thing that came out of this report is that the Arab League observers said that they’ve been under a lot of pressure by the international media.
There is very much a feeling that there has been a huge media war conducted against Syria. And that if the media, especially channels like Al-Jazeera and the others wouldn’t have been involved in this crisis then actually it would have been over a long time ago.

Demonstrationer i Damaskus idag, till stöd för landets styre och mot utländsk inblandning.

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