22 jan

Det verkar som att Qatar stöter på motstånd i sina fientligheter mot Syrien.

presstv.ir – ‘Qatar plays proxy role for West’


Syrian News Tv correspondent in Cairo: Qatar is pressing in the ministerial meeting for sending Arab troops to Syria or refer the Syrian case to the Security Council and other Arab countries are rejecting.

The ”Syrian National Council” led by the Muslim Brotherhood has failed to refer the Syrian case to the Security Council.
Another political victory for the Government of Syria.
A big thank you to the Arab Countries that stood in Qatar’s way.

URGENT: Arab League officials have decided their team of monitors will continue to work inside Syria for another month.

7 Martyred by Terrorists Gunfire in Damascus Countryside, Daraa, Homs and Hama
2 Trucks Loaded with Weapons and Ammunition Seized in Raqqa.
11 people killed, three wounded by fires of armed group at Ashira, Homs.
Law Enforcement Member Martyred, 2 Citizens Injured in Explosive Device Blast in Daraa Countryside.

The fiasco of the French secret agents in Homs..

While Paris accuses Damascus of having organized the murder of journalist of France TV ”Gilles Jacquier” in Homs, a team of Russian journalists recently presented a different story. According to their investigation, Mr. Jacquier commanded by press coverage of a French military intelligence operation that turned into a fiasco. The French accusations are merely a means to hide Paris responsibility for the actions of the terrorist plan to destabilize Syria.

presstv.ir – Who benefits from an unstable Syria?

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