15 jan

Det kommer dagligen rapporter på facebook om händelser som den här där människor dödas av terrorister eller där man lyckas avvärja dåd. En ambulans blev beskjuten och föraren blev skadad. Ambulansen stals men lämnades tillbaka efter ett par timmar, och då påträffades i den en väska med en 20-kilos sprängladdning, som man lyckades oskadliggöra utan att någon skadades.

Syria, Homs / Members of Military Engineering dismantled a 20-kg explosive device inside an ambulance belonging to Homs National Hospital.
A medical source told that a number of terrorists opened fire on the ambulance while transporting a citizen’s body from al-Qossour neighborhood.
The source added that the driver was injured while the other members of the medical cadre survived, and the terrorists took the ambulance to unknown place and returned it after two hours and they fled away.
The source said the emergency system was informed about the place of the ambulance and it sent a driver to bring it back to the hospital, adding that a 20-kg explosive device was found inside a black bag in the ambulance and the engineering members dismantled and no injuries were reported.
In the same context, 4 citizens injured by the shrapnels of two mortar projectiles fired by an armed terrorist group in Ekrima neighborhood in Homs City.
Most of the wounds were in the chest and in the face, adding that a number of cars were also damaged.

Ett annat exempel – Train Loaded with Fuel Derailed by Armed Groups, Terrorists Sabotage Electricity Pylons, Authorities Dismantle Explosivesvideo
presstv.ir”Six workers have been killed and 16 others injured in a bomb attack by a “terrorist group” in the northwestern Syrian province of Idlib.
The Syrian state media reported on Sunday that the “terrorist” attack targeted a vehicle transporting a group of workers of a textile factory on the road between the city of Ariha and the town of Mastouma.”

Lizzie Phelan intervjuad på syrisk TV – syrianonline.sy

The British journalist Lizzie Phelan said the image of events on ground in Syria is completely contrary to what some media try to depict and present to the public opinion.
Phelan, who is now on a visit to Syria, said that she was surprised upon her arrival in Damascus as a journalist 6 days ago to see the situation as it is, as she had thought, based on the image presented by media, that Syria is not safe where chaos is prevailing, the army deployed in the streets and the anti-government protests are being held daily and everywhere.
She stressed in an interview with the Syrian TV that what she has seen during her visit is that life is normal and that people go to their businesses and schools in spite of some problems.
She asserted that the city of Damascus is very safe as she has been moving in it alone in the late hours of the night and has not been faced with any problem or seen any big anti-government protests.
Phelan pointed out that she saw the huge pro-government rally in the Umayyad Square and was surprised with the reality of the situation in Syria, which she said is completely different from what is being conveyed to the West, the US and other countries.
The British journalist considered that President Bashar al-Assad’s coming out to the Umayyad Square and his direct talk to the people was ”very interesting” for her since the media such as the BBC and al-Jazeera TV channels claim that the Syrian people are not with President al-Assad, noting that the tens of thousands of people who gathered in the Square were very glad to see him and expressed their love and support for him.

Qatar, som går i USA’s ledband och som deltog (eller deltar) med stor militärinsats i Libyen, talar om att arabländer bör gå in med militär i Syrien!
‘Qatar is aligned with US in destabilizing Syria’

Patrick Henningsen, an associate editor for infowars.com told RT that Qatar is aligned with the US in destabilizing Syria, as it was in Libya.
“Qatar played a crucial role in the destabilization of Libya and actually provided 1,600 troops on the ground during the Libyan uprising. Qatar also was the country that signed the deal back in February 2011 to market crude oil from Libya – this is way in advance of toppling Gaddafi,” he explained. “Qatar hosts US Central Command. So there is definitely synergy there with whatever America’s agenda is.”

De verkar riktigt desperata de där qatarierna, undrar vad de blivit hotade med om de inte levererar vad husse önskar – newsaboutsyria.blogspot.com – Diplomatic sources: Qatar threatens the Arab leaders to ”Overthrow” them, and sends observers of intelligence to support the armed gangs

No one believed Syria, or in a precise way, no one wanted to believe Syria when she proved that she is under a clear conspiracy that aim to blow the entire county, no just the regime… As time passes, and the Syrian people keep standing till, the plot threads started to reveal slowly slowly.. Here’s the Arab League ”admits” the existence of the armed men, while the information and leaks stated on a daily basis by high rank officials in the region and the world countries, prove the ”suspected” role played by Qatar as a ”knife” used to strike the Syrian side.
Leaking credible diplomatic information prove that Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, the ruler of the Qatar sheikdom, had threatened 4 Arab leaders to overthrow and change their regimes, unless follow his lead in the conspiracy he is undertaking with USA, Israel, France, Saudi Arabia and Turkey to hit the Syrian people and leadership.

maverablogg.wordpress.com – Syrien: folket vill leva i fred

En mässa hölls den 8:e jan för att hedra minnet av de som dödades i terror-attentatet den 6:e i Damaskus då 26 människor dödades, voltairenet.org – Mixed Muslim-Christian mass in memory of martyrs of terrorism in Syria

Enligt artikeln dödades sonen till den mutfi som ledde mässan för 3 månader sen, därför att denne religiöse ledare vägrade ta emot 10 miljoner dollar för att ställa upp som ledare för protesterna mot landets styre!

Det är ungefär vad man kan tänka sig, att det är mutor och hot av det slaget som ligger bakom mycket av det som sker i storpolitiken!

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