viktig artikel om vad som kan vara nästa steg i fientligheterna mot Syrien

The Plan – The Play to the Overthrow of President Bashar al-Assad

Sources related to the security departments in the decision making countries, reveal to ”Al Manar TV” the plan prepared by USA and which entered into force along with the obituary of the Arab observers mission’s work in Syria by both Washington and Paris.
These sources say that the decided meeting of the ministerial committee concerned in the Syrian issue on Sunday 08/01/2012 will mourn (even if not officially) the Arab observers mission, and this will be the first step i the new plan to overthrow president Bashar Al Assad.
The sources add ”Basically, there was no need for this mission, can’t the satellites film the massacres that they pretend happening?? then why they need the mission to be on the Syrian soils? this was only decoration to prepare the scene which its scenario is already written and the director is American, and the actors are regional and international, and who wrote the scenario also wrote the end of the play.. but he need some scenes so that the work can be complete… and what’s happening today is only part of the scene”..

In conclusion, everything starts with the announcement of the failure of the trembling of the Arabs mission, followed by the visit of Ban Ki Moon to Lebanon and Jordan, and continued with the plan to embarrass Hizbullah in preparation to use north Lebanon and east Lebanon for the logistic support against the Syrian Arab republic, all that will be accompanied by new foreign sanctions and a internal security siege and the announcement of the increase in defections in the coming days, and the diplomatic activities and pressures will increase which will be done by USA on the international level, to obtain a breach in the Russian and Chinese fronts.. as for the regional level, we will witness re-activation of the Turkish-Qatari-Egyptian-Saudi roles, and re-stirring the sectarian unrest on the Lebanese and Iraqi levels.
This is the surprise that Ryad Al Asa’a talked about, will it be the same after revealing it? or USA will add a new scene to the chapters of her play in preparation to make the necessary adjustments?

En annan artikel från den 2:a januari – UK’s secret plans for Syria

Revelations have surfaced about the presence of British spies in Syria as the UK government draws secret plans for a NATO-backed no-fly zone over the country.
A British security official has revealed that Britain’s Ministry of Defence has been drawing up secret plots to secure a NATO-sponsored no-fly zone over Syria as intelligence agents from MI6 and the CIA are examining the situation on the ground in the country, reported the Daily Star.
MI6 and the CIA are in Syria to infiltrate,” revealed the newspaper.
The revelations come as the Western media has launched a campaign to criticise the presence of the Arab League observers in Syria calling on them to return so that their governments would be able to draw up plots for military intervention based on fabricated evidence.

7:e januari har Sveriges Radio Ekot det här inslaget – Qatar: Observatörer bortkastad tid i Syrien

Qatars premiärminister anser att det är bortkastad tid att låta Arabförbundets observatörer stanna i Syrien.
  1. #1 av monasara på 7 januari, 2012 - 21:00

    Vad jag vet att rapporten kommer ut på söndag alltså imorgon. i artikeln står det
    ”Men även under observatörernas närvaro har regimen skjutit mot demonstranter och många människor har dödats”
    hur visste de? har öbservatorerna rapporterat tidigare om läget?


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