31 december

Intervju med Thierry Meyssan – ”The decision to attack Syria was made at a Camp David meeting on 15 September 2001”

Featured below is the interview that Thierry Meyssan gave to our colleagues from the Algerian daily newspaper the La Nouvelle République. Worthy of mention is the fact that the interview was given front page billing. While Western journalists eagerly relay the war propaganda against Syria, another reading of the events is emerging in countries where the press is not required to adjust to the editorial line dictated by the Empire.

Thierry Meyssan: According to a French saying, ”when you want to get rid of your dog, you accuse it of having rabies.” In this case, when the Western powers want to invade a state, their media mouthpieces claim that it is a barbaric dictatorship, that their armies can protect civilians and that they should overthrow the regime and bring democracy. We witnessed the truth in Iraq and Libya: the colonial powers couldn’t be less interested in the fate of the populations; they go in to devastate and plunder the country. There have never been any mass protests against the Syrian regime, therefore no live bullets could have been used to quell them. In recent months, there have been around 1 500 deaths, but not in the reported circumstances. There is indeed a ”Free Syrian Army”, but it is based in Turkey and Lebanon, and it is made up of a few hundred soldiers at the most, that are paraded before the cameras.

Finally, Syria is self-sufficient in food production and, despite distribution difficulties, there is no problem of scarcity. The version peddled by the Western media is pure fiction. The reality on the ground is that Western countries have unleashed a non-conventional war against Syria. They sent in Pashtun and Arab fighters, recruited by Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan and trained by French and German special forces. These fighters first attempted to establish Islamic emirates, then they started laying ambushes on Syrian military convoys. Today, they answer to an Al Qaeda emir, the Libyan Abdel Hakim Belhaj. They moved away from major operations and currently conduct commando assaults in the heart of the cities to spread terror in the hope of causing a sectarian civil war. Their latest feat is the double bombing in Damascus.

Lisa Karpova – Syria: invasion of terrorist elements sponsored by the west

The Egyptian newspaper al-Arabi said on Friday that a colonel in the U.S. with the last name Cleveland is overseeing the operations of training and weaponry, and is the real leader of the ”Syrian Free Army.” The publication says that Cleveland is moving between the fields of training his organization.

The colonel in charge of creating an army consisting of armed men opposed to the Syrian government, called ”Syrian Free Army,” said the U.S. had created training bases in Turkey to the north, in eastern Lebanon, and Arbil in Iraq.

Sergei Balmasov – Syria’s official propaganda absolutely useless

The author of this material, who was in Syria, had a chance to witness total inefficiency and even harm of the Syrian official propaganda.

The representatives of the Syrian authorities are beginning to recognize the inability to effectively counter the enemy in the information war. During my meeting with the Governor of Aleppo Ibrahim Hallyuf he complained that over 50 international channels are working against Syria, and that it is extremely difficult for the Syrians to oppose it.

However, the reality is not that hopeless. After all, there are losses where the government could have played proactively and demonized the opponent. First, they need to work more actively with journalists in their territory and to relieve them of excessive care of special services, which sometimes exceed all limits. Second, they have to more actively use magazines and social networks like Facebook.
Syrians already have successful experience of their use in the failed attempts to the opposition and its foreign backers to destabilize the situation in Damascus and Aleppo. Now, however, they should strengthen this practice for the Arabic and English-speaking audience outside of Syria.

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