29 dec

Det finns nog all anledning att misstänka, som James Corbett gör, att delegationen från Arabförbundet som nu befinner sig i Syrien redan på förhand är programmerad till att komma fram till att Syriens ledning inte gör tillräckligt för att få slut på våldet och inte lyssnar på protesterande medborgare.

‘Syrian verdict will be pre-ordained’

”.. political analyst James Corbett told RT that while the observer mission is in fact lacking in credibility, it is only because conclusions will unlikely be based on facts on the ground.

The final report will be a pre-ordained conclusion that the Assad government is not doing enough to listen to the concerns of its citizens. Personally, I’m not sure what is more ridiculous about this story – the idea that the autocratic thugs of the Arab League are going to presume to pronounce on the democratic leanings of the Syrian government, or that the international community is supposed to take what they say with any sort of moral authority.” ”


från facebook

”Syria, Hama / An Armed terrorist Group Tuesday evening committed a massacre against family of al-Sheikh at Kfar Nabouda village in Hama, killing 8 persons, kidnapping 5 and burning their homes.
A number of armed men tried to kidnap one of al-Sheikh family persons while returning to home, but their attempt was foiled after his family confronted them. Later, the armed men attacked the family once more with different kinds of weapons, perpetrating a massacre against the family.
Also in Hama, members of the military engineering units dismantled 3 explosives planted by armed terrorist groups in
different area of Hama.”


Qatar builds up anti-Syria Wahhabi army

”Qatar has built up a strong army of hundreds of Wahhabi forces to help overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, a new report has revealed.
The forces known as the Free Syrian Army, have 20,000 fighters, and are armed and funded by Qatar, DEBKAfile reported.
The Doha-funded army has been mobilized in the form of military battalions and brigades in bases in Syria’s northern neighbor, Turkey.”

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