28 dec

presstv.ir – Arab League team visits Homs in Syria

A group of 50 observers from the Arab regional body visited various sites, including the neighborhoods of Baba Amro, Karm al-Zeitoun and Wadi al-Zahab in Homs, and talked to residents on Tuesday, commending the Syrian government’s cooperative approach for giving them access to different locations without restriction.

Many Syrians have complained of crimes they believe are committed by armed terrorist groups. The Syrian state TV has shown stacks of weapons seized from the terrorists bent on fueling instability in the country.


Thierry Meyssan explains some leading personalities financing terrorism throughout the Islamic world, principally Prince Bindar of Saudia – the ex Saudi ambassador to the US.


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Homs: As the Arab League delegation visited Azzahra Square this morning, 5,000 citizens gathered holding up pictures of the martyrs of the Syrian Army, who fell at the hands of armed terrorist elements in various parts of Syria.

President of the Observer Mission Mohamed Ahmed Mustafa al-Dabi stressed that ”the situation in Homs seems comfortable so far but it needs further investigation.”
Dabi said: ”conditions in some areas of Homs were not good but there was nothing scary”.

Citizens of Homs illustrate what’s happening to the Arab Legaue committee.

In this news broadcast, it was said that the AL delegation refused to go to the National Hospital and talk to the injured or see the bodies of those mutilated citizens.
The guy at the end: ”Please don’t sell your conscience. Please don’t sell your conscience.”
As it proved that they were not interested to hear what some citizens had to say.

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