tidigare material om Syrien

ur Sanning och lögn i Syrien av Jeremy Salt

 3. Det har förekommit mycket stora demonstrationer till stöd för regeringen. Det finns en ilska över de väpnade gängens våld och en ilska över inblandning utifrån och över att utländska regeringar och media utnyttjar situationen. Enligt många syriers uppfattning är deras land åter utsatt för en internationell konspiration.

4. Oavsett sanningshalten i de anklagelser som riktats mot säkerhetsstyrkorna, så har de väpnade grupperna dödat hundratals poliser, soldater och civila, sammanlagt förmodligen nära 1000 hittills. Bland de dödade civila finns universitetsprofessorer, läkare och till och med, helt nyligen, sonen till republikens stormufti. De beväpnade gängen har massakrerat, överfallit, mördat, attackerat regeringsbyggnader och saboterat järnvägar.


NATO’s legoknektar från Libyen, nu på uppdrag i Syrien. Thierry Meyssan, 19 dec – Free Syrian Army commanded by Military Governor of Tripoli

The Manufacturing of the War on Syria

Anatoly Egorin: Unites States, Western Countries Supply Armed Terrorist Groups in Syria with Weapons and Cash

Dr. Anatoly Egorin , Deputy Director of Oriental Studies Institute of the Academy of Sciences of Russian Federation said ”all have come to know that the Unites States and Western Countries supply the armed terrorist groups in Syria with weapons and cash and instigate these groups to pursue criminal acts in Syria.”

Thierry Meyssan – http://www.voltairenet.org/Lies-and-truths-about-Syria – om läget i Syrien, från 5 dec.

Russian Researchers: US, NATO and Israel Supply Extremists in Syria with Arms and Funds

Demonstrationer till stöd för landets ledning, från staden Tartous i Syrien den 3:e november 2011

Igor Panarin – Western elite wage info-war to justify Syria invasion?

Krypskyttar på taken i Syrien

BFP Exclusive- Developing Story: Hundreds of US-NATO Soldiers Arrive & Begin Operations on the Jordan-Syria Border

Video 40 min. med intervju med Syriens president – Syria’s Bashar Assad Speaks to Western Press

Facebook page removed after uploading video exposing obviously skewed Barbara Walters interview with Assad

Intervjun utskriven – President Bashar al-Assad interview with Barbara Walters (ABC-News) – 7/12/2011

Webster Tarpley om sitt besök i Syrien nyligen. del 2del 3 – Eller se hela intervjun här, http://tarpley.net/2011/11/27/the-anatomy-of-the-nato-cia-destabilization-of-syria/

Unknown Snipers and Western backed ”Regime Change”http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=27904

 ”The use of mercenaries, death squads and snipers by Western intelligence agencies is well documented. No rational government attempting to stay in power would resort to unknown snipers to intimidate its opponents. Shooting at innocent protestors would be counterproductive in the face of unmitigated pressure from Western governments determined to install a client regime in Damascus. Shooting of unarmed protestors is only acceptable in dictatorships that enjoy the unconditional support of Western governments such as Bahrain, Honduras or Colombia.

A government which is so massively supported by the population of Syria would not sabotage its own survival by setting snipers against the protests of a small minority.

The opposition to the Syrian regime is, in fact, miniscule. Tear gas, mass arrests and other non lethal methods would be perfectly sufficient for a government wishing to control unarmed demonstrators.

Snipers are used to create terror, fear and anti-regime propaganda. They are an integral feature of Western sponsored regime change.

If one were to make a serious criticism of the Syrian government over the past few months, it is that they have failed to implement effective anti-terrorism measures in the country.

The Syrian people want troops on the streets and the roofs of public buildings. In the weeks and months ahead, the Syrian armed forces will probably rely more and more on their Russian military specialists to strengthen the country’s defenses as the Western crusade begun in Libya in March spreads to the Levant.

There is no conclusive proof that the snipers murdering men, women and children in Syria are the agents of Western imperialism. But there is overwhelming proof that Western imperialism is attempting to destroy the Syrian state. As in Libya, they have never once mentioned the possibility of negotiations between the so-called opposition and the Syrian government. The West wants regime change and is determined to repeat the slaughter in Libya to achieve this geopolitical objective.

It now looks likely that the cradle of civilization and science will be overrun by semi-literate barbarians as the terminal decline of the West plays itself out in the deserts of the East.”


UN Syria Report Co-Authored by Director of US Corporate Think-Tank

The UN report itself (.pdf) contained no verifiable evidence, but rather hearsay accounts recorded in Geneva by alleged ”victims” ”witnesses,” and ”defectors,” put forth by ”all interested persons and organizations.” In other words, it was an open invitation for Syria’s enemies to paint whatever image of the ruling government they pleased. While critics claim this is due to the Syrian government’s lack of cooperation with the UN, it is more likely that the UN itself, with a proven track record of doing so in Iraq, the Ivory Coast, and most recently Libya, is merely complicit in providing ”window dressing” for Wall Street and London’s otherwise naked military conquests.

Video of Unarmed Syrian Riot Police and Civilians Being Shot at and Killed by “Activists” Back in Early Aug

Videos of Pro-Assad, Pro-Syrian Demonstrations

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